sed in managementConfiguration

`airshipctl config` doesn't yet support setting a context's
managementConfiguration value.  This change adds in a sed
to set all managementConfigurations to default.

Change-Id: I0d8d0fb285a0b82e348640ef689eb3f0efb9e547
(cherry picked from commit bbd0ca2895)
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Matt McEuen 2021-04-12 11:02:26 -05:00 committed by Sirajudeen
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commit 86a2c836ea
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@ -103,3 +103,6 @@ airshipctl config set-manifest "${SITE}" \
airshipctl config set-context ephemeral-cluster --manifest "${SITE}"
airshipctl config set-context target-cluster --manifest "${SITE}"
airshipctl config use-context ephemeral-cluster
# TODO: use airshipctl for this once `airshipctl config` supports it
sed -i "s|^ managementConfiguration:.*| managementConfiguration: default|g" ~/.airship/config