11 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alexey Odinokov 429df0bab1 Clean up additional ~90mb of mem on gating hosts 9 months ago
Matt McEuen 0398c974ed Update sushy-tools to latest 1 year ago
Ruslan Aliev d21c02c87b Fix airshipctl-roles-test gate job 2 years ago
Ruslan Aliev 876c6043ee Replace apt/yum ansible modules, use package instead 2 years ago
Sreejith Punnapuzha 1108d4d2bf Add python3-setuptools to needed packages 2 years ago
Dmitry Ukov df2fff0acf Add control plane deployment 2 years ago
Stanislav Egorov 37bba4e2fc Locked version of sushy-tools 2 years ago
Ruslan Aliev 76d8716968 Replace become: true notation 2 years ago
Alexey Odinokov 16d2c8d8c1 Reusing apache-server instead of httpd 2 years ago
James Gu afcfdb5c6e Proxy support enhancement 2 years ago
Alexey Odinokov bb7bd1c58e Substituting redfish-emulator and reverse-proxy with Apache 2 years ago