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Andrii Ostapenko b8e83faa85 Install python3-jmespath allowing to use json_query in ansible playbooks
Also rearranges apt packages in alphabethical order.

Change-Id: Ia6815cca6c4a36cc5c0edcabfcf2c3dfc0b00a03
2022-06-17 15:55:58 +00:00
Pallav Gupta 13c4e82f7e AIAP multinode deployment
It deploys 3 controlplane and 2 worker nodes using AIAP gate.

+ kubectl --context target-cluster get node
NAME     STATUS   ROLES                  AGE   VERSION
node01   Ready    control-plane,master   48m   v1.21.2
node03   Ready    worker                 43s   v1.21.2
node04   Ready    control-plane,master   16m   v1.21.2
node05   Ready    control-plane,master   26m   v1.21.2
node06   Ready    worker                 54s   v1.21.2

Tested with 32 GB node.

Closes: #652
Closes: #228

Change-Id: Ie2267e15ed75b57e2e27f45b9be19ddcf7b0a0a8
2022-03-03 14:10:57 +00:00
Steven Fitzpatrick 8dddae9daa AIAP Libvirt: Add kubectl install
Change-Id: I4b325958906ba723ec22ebdedb9b5607b74a2683
2022-01-07 15:14:44 +00:00
Steven Fitzpatrick a644188d8d AIAP libvirt: Add GuestFS Tools package
This package allows one to cat and interact with files
in a guest VM

Change-Id: Ib806a6c271452b61880745eafe05d149834af5dc
2022-01-06 21:06:07 +00:00
Zuul 6eea629b78 Merge "Update kind to 1.21.1 k8s version" 2021-12-21 12:12:15 +00:00
Zuul 7948a127d7 Merge "Add check manifests zuul job" 2021-12-21 12:12:12 +00:00
Zuul 32ddcc1d26 Merge "Support for IPV6 infra in AIAP Zuul Gate" 2021-12-21 08:17:58 +00:00
Zuul 5e83b8997b Merge "Support Dualstack IPv6 in AIAP" 2021-12-21 01:27:15 +00:00
Walter Wahlstedt 61c18d9359 AiaP - Develop a method to support caching on a remote node
- Adds PV for local caching. This allows us to also use PV
        in other clusters like AKS.
    - Moves artifacts and caching files into /opt/aiap-files/artifacts
        and /opt/aiap-files/caching so we only have one PV

Relates-To: #645

Change-Id: I84172778df66bee8a833b13d5b740a6cf45220c2
2021-12-06 13:47:40 -05:00
Manoj Alva(ma257n) e1562899d9 Support for IPV6 infra in AIAP Zuul Gate
- Replaced minikube with kind cluster to
  setup a dualstack IPv6 cluster

Closes: #662
Change-Id: Ibc40e574e37c8cf9ab5348e6413a1b1520f5d1c1
2021-12-06 15:07:20 +00:00
Zuul bc704b736d Merge "Upgrade default kind version in" 2021-12-04 00:37:08 +00:00
Michael Beaver 56972b4317 AIAP - Extract logs from runner container
This adds a new script to the runner container that is run in the
entrypoint which runs the log gathering ansible playbook from
inside the runner container. The gate then extracts these logs
with a new role.

This also updates the image_build script to fix how it changes
the container imagePullPolicy

Closes: #658
Relates-To: #659
Change-Id: I24d11c66e7b71852256e164343f7bb2f331d1fef
2021-12-03 15:23:12 +00:00
Herrera, Josh (jh813b) 5e67f16c20 Upgrade default kind version in
As mentioned in there was a change
in the linux kernel after 5.12.2 that makes nf_conntrack_max read-only in non-init network
namespaces, which prevents kind's kube-proxy container from working correctly on kind versions
older than v0.11.1. This PS updates the script to download v0.11.1 to avoid this issue.
If older versions are needed, the kind url can be set as an environment variable as shown in

Relates-To: #583
Change-Id: Icd9e649fa112e9f6307034ec69dde5d4a7ad613d
2021-12-02 18:21:56 +00:00
Siraj Yasin 4ed3a80412 Skip secret generation for production env
Retales-To: #654
Change-Id: I984cfbc0e67ec32ae70ae3646bd59f5911494afb
2021-12-01 17:21:59 +00:00
Andrii Ostapenko 6ac83b3796 Revert "Build iso image in a single phase"
Commit breaks iso/qcow consistency and needs to be reintroduced
together with cloud-init moved to image-builder

This reverts commit e8606af544.

Change-Id: Ib45d6a5ba960eba937c2f54fbf703b2cd85ee190
2021-11-19 20:36:13 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev e8606af544 Build iso image in a single phase
Allows to get rid of generic containers.

Change-Id: I7f4485ded4dd39ec44a0746904b626b4a07d0f80
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Relates-To: #544
Relates-To: #545
2021-11-17 21:51:18 +00:00
Zuul c196873667 Merge "Fix the ARTIFACTS_DIR path issue" 2021-11-12 00:29:41 +00:00
Zuul a6f39b5fad Merge "Integrate CAPD" 2021-11-11 23:46:53 +00:00
Siraj Yasin 8758527b4e Fix the ARTIFACTS_DIR path issue
Change-Id: I6c7c417d8f9ea9a619e2a6412d3143999562ca10
2021-11-11 20:29:42 +00:00
Zuul cb7db9581b Merge "AIAP Gate - Update script to use status-checker" 2021-11-11 19:51:57 +00:00
Danny Massa 3acead37a9 Adding dead-link-linter gate

Change-Id: I9ba999e7587fbc0e1d8a9f9383b5150fecd4ac45
2021-11-09 21:03:53 +00:00
Michael Beaver 44f2b8237b AIAP Gate - Update script to use status-checker
This change updates the script to utilize the
status-checker container to determine if airship-in-a-pod has
successfully completed. It also includes a check to fail when
the status-checker has detected a failure.

Relates-To: #659
Change-Id: I3673de7157f498778154c798878ab20245396c62
2021-11-09 20:24:58 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev 1d0561045e Add check manifests zuul job
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Closes: #665
Change-Id: I53283e0c3b2e5807abdb84433c5563d2e391dcfe
2021-11-08 22:20:51 +00:00
Snehal a20eb0b4ba Integrate CAPD
* Below manifests integrates capd to v1alpha4

* Cluster templates updated to v1alpha4

Closes: #647

Change-Id: I53f25cb2dd1eeed901d8582ddb873f0894bc45b9
2021-11-08 12:02:52 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev 65dfa71b26 Update kind to 1.21.1 k8s version
Change-Id: I4681b461cdf64d6be397a2e9de68096b5bf2f746
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
2021-11-05 01:39:52 +00:00
Siraj Yasin 1731be848f Fix for Zuul gate package issue
It is an intermediate solution till this PS [0] is merged


Change-Id: Ief02b1f243e506d7013ceeb7daedbb36b2cb477d
2021-11-04 16:51:13 +00:00
Zuul bbe1375d17 Merge "CAPZ v0.5.2 Uplift - Reference Public Site" 2021-11-03 17:16:11 +00:00
Suraj Patil 5d61a071ed Fixes ansible role_path in
Closes: 663

Change-Id: Ia1c2b0186355058896c996325776b6554d49ca9d
2021-11-02 09:57:47 +00:00
Andrii Ostapenko ebc4d99215
Use upstream ensure-docker role instead of docker-install
Change-Id: I2d83a02d1520efd90d68df940ac0f045785101b5
Signed-off-by: Andrii Ostapenko <>
2021-11-01 18:38:12 -06:00
Zuul b20403332b Merge "Upgrade Kubernetes from 1.19.14 to 1.21.2" 2021-11-01 18:24:06 +00:00
diwakar thyagaraj a384b4e46d Upgrade Kubernetes from 1.19.14 to 1.21.2
This upgrades Kubernetes version in airshipctl to v1.21.2

Depends on

https: //
Change-Id: I30ef2543d91f574e73a555bf67ab7ec2764a4411
Signed-off-by: diwakar thyagaraj <>
2021-11-01 08:17:32 +00:00
Manoj Alva(ma257n) 09394cf768 Support Dualstack IPv6 in AIAP
- Enable infra-build VMs to have valid IPv6 addresses

Closes: #656
DependsOn: I30ef2543d91f574e73a555bf67ab7ec2764a4411
Change-Id: Ibd6ab5c9f7e2ead274d9509c3466484de6918826
2021-10-29 17:16:04 +00:00
Zuul 5cf95f2135 Merge "[AIAP] - Use SOPS_IMPORT_PGP for user specific key" 2021-10-28 19:45:51 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev 3e44c42989 Introduce KRM based k8s applier
The KRM based k8s applier solves multiple design problems
which were introduced in previous airshipctl generation,
making apply code and process more clear, reliable and
readable. In particular:
 * k8s applier now is a KRM function and it allows the
   end user to choose or implement desired backend for
   k8s apply operations;
 * the related amount of code was reduced by three times,
   multiple unused and unnecessary structs/interfaces/design
   patterns were removed or rewrited in more clean and efficient
 * removed cli-utils dependency from airshipctl;
 * fixed several bugs and code issues, such as incorrect printing
   of tables, duplicated unit tests, improper generation and applying
   inventory config map, etc;
 * cli-utils version used in KRM function was bumped to 0.26.0;
 * phases with duplicated k8s resources were removed or fixed;
 * unit test coverage increased to 83.1%;
 * KRM function logs were integrated with klog library which allows
   to observe logs directly from cli-utils and other dependent libs.

Change-Id: Ief509f1d6abefd53caf7fcffc4e36b0319815373
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Closes: #646
2021-10-27 08:14:22 +00:00
Siraj Yasin afe5640383 [AIAP] - Use SOPS_IMPORT_PGP for user specific key
* Enable user to set SOPS_IMPORT_PGP in env and consume that.

Relates-To: #654
Change-Id: Idb610980e11d228a48db8e412b0436556ac00ca5
2021-10-26 20:01:46 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev 55f04e7394 Use newer docker packages
Currently we install and use which is outdated. We should
switch to newer docker-ce, docker-ce-cli and

Change-Id: I951ced816466a0aed3db7313d475773c324ad71c
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Closes: #657
2021-10-21 23:18:32 +00:00
Shiba, Sidney 4e12ce315f CAPZ v0.5.2 Uplift - Reference Public Site
This patchset provides the manifests for deploying a Target cluster on
Azure cloud platform, exposing the API server to the public Internet.

Relates-to: #600
Change-Id: I34789918b4be721fc518c033a82a4f8bce117494
2021-10-20 10:28:44 -06:00
Siraj Yasin 426bc5e02b Remove .git from repository URL
* Enable airship-airship-in-a-pod-script-runner as non-voting
  Job at check stage

Change-Id: I591fb1fb97cfe00bcfbe2196b4b7533a60dc276e
2021-10-19 14:21:54 +00:00
Zuul af957ee1e6 Merge "Remove .git suffix on repository name" 2021-10-18 16:53:44 +00:00
Siraj Yasin 3ca5d825b5 Remove .git suffix on repository name
* Repository name is extracted from URL and used as WORKDIR.
  It leads to error when the repository URL is provided with ".git"

* Remove the ".git suffix when present in repository URL

Closes: #653
Change-Id: If154873f4126cedd85aa7f5deac13e17726a732c
2021-10-13 21:21:42 +00:00
SirishaGopigiri 61a316ce1c CAPI v0.4.2 manifests
The current PS adds manifests files to update CAPI components
to 0.4.2 version.

Relates-To: #518
Change-Id: Id6019ca0867a776902595308bfdbd554b2ffe54e
2021-10-13 13:26:24 -05:00
Drew Walters fedaad02e3 Fix AIAP manifest branch checkout behavior
Even when specifying a manifest branch in the AIAP overrides, the
entrypoint script overrides/disables the checkout behavior of the
airshipctl document pull script if AIRSHIP_CONFIG_PHASE_REPO_REF is not
set. This change updates the entrypoint script to check if
AIRSHIP_CONFIG_PHASE_REPO_BRANCH is specified before overriding the
checkout behavior.

Signed-off-by: Drew Walters <>
Change-Id: Ibb2798201f8e02333289f193355f3aa2a6c627ad
2021-10-08 14:05:25 +00:00
Zuul 4a51359b75 Merge "AIAP: Fix secrets" 2021-10-08 08:43:12 +00:00
Zuul d92870d7d4 Merge "Add clusterctl v0.3.x KRM function" 2021-10-08 02:04:33 +00:00
Ian Howell b27297e4ad AIAP: Fix secrets
The runner container uses a set of secrets to generate the airshipctl
config file, but the volume containing those secrets is never mounted.
This change adds the required mount.

Change-Id: I1d8f84d3870a98957784be4d3a5582b3cc011bf1
2021-10-07 09:04:08 -05:00
Ruslan Aliev 597bf0ff9b Add clusterctl v0.3.x KRM function
This KRM function will contain clusterctl binary with version
0.3.x for backward compatibility while the main one will move
forward with 0.4.x releases.

Change-Id: Iba167be074c07a20701ed45c4b2ccf38ddb2185a
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Related-To: #647
Related-To: #642
Relates-To: #650
2021-10-05 12:49:05 -05:00
Zuul 8a3dd8a466 Merge "AIAP: Fix manifest caching" 2021-10-04 21:42:09 +00:00
Ruslan Aliev 1faeb29f43 Disable capd job from voting
* slightly increase timeout for gate script runner job
* disable capd job from voting due to instability
* fix validate_docs script:
  we should either filter site to validate from command line or
  from sites_to_skip variable
* enable document validation for docker test site

Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
Change-Id: If38e6e24f7187d59072bc7435c700b829e2dafba
Closes: #649
2021-10-01 13:37:44 -05:00
Ian Howell 6cd4d6ed17 AIAP: Fix manifest caching
This prevents the runner container from using the cached manifests from
a prior execution of AIAP (as this should only happen when a developer
specifically tells AIAP to).

Change-Id: I79afefd859776654e455265cf69e201039e8ce9e
2021-09-29 14:10:37 -05:00
Siraj Yasin 23ccec608c make SITES_TO_SKIP configurable from env
* Read SITES_TO_SKIP from env, so that treasuremap can
  set its own list of sites to be skipped in the environment

Change-Id: I14507b77cfcb348d310156fac22a1ec39dba0731
2021-09-29 16:23:03 +00:00