15 Commits (master)

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Andrii Ostapenko b8e83faa85 Install python3-jmespath allowing to use json_query in ansible playbooks 2 weeks ago
Pallav Gupta 13c4e82f7e AIAP multinode deployment 4 months ago
Manoj Alva(ma257n) 09394cf768 Support Dualstack IPv6 in AIAP 8 months ago
Manoj Alva(ma257n) faa13c51ad Support for MAC address when VM count > 1 in AIAP 9 months ago
Ian Howell b77f9e2910 AIAP: Cleanup completion statuses 10 months ago
Siraj Yasin c7be426de3 Removed the hardcoded wait logic 10 months ago
Ian Howell fc20c79e47 AIAP: Keep containers alive in successful runs 10 months ago
Ian Howell cde9648718 AIAP: Cause AIAP to fail faster 10 months ago
Ian Howell 0cb8e0f5f4 AIAP: Parameterize base image 10 months ago
Ian Howell 1dd84a5af9 AIAP: Prevent sushy from starting prereqs are met 11 months ago
Ian Howell 36d7153a66 AIAP: Cascade environment variables to playbooks 11 months ago
Ian Howell d302d97771 AIAP: Remove personal docker images 12 months ago
Ian Howell 50e0f2cdcd Increase VM capabilities for AIAP 1 year ago
Fletcher, Stacey (sf5715) a423607000 Airship in a Pod 1 year ago