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siraj.yasin f45ece8294 Update metadata.yaml to kubernetes style
* Define GVK for metadata.yaml
* Added supoorting type and registered the kind 'AirshipMetadata' to
  runtime scheme
* Used document object to read metadata instead of reading it as config

Relates-To: #530

Change-Id: I748cd0921ba7bb04ca6fb2999294776e6803ed3e
2 years ago
Scott Williams fb997d49e1 Error messages checked expected value
Modified the test framework so that error messages are actualy checked
for an expected value (instead of previously only checking if there was
an error returned)

Closes-Bug: #451
Change-Id: I9c4b172a705a7648467afe41346c389c503e764b
2 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi 7dfb0eb98c Don't allow to run baremetal actions without flags
With this change we will be sure that no commands against bmh
hosts will be applied without selector flags specified, now if you
want to target all hosts in inventory you must specify --all flag

Relates-To: #364
Related-To: #364

Closes: #364
Change-Id: I0d615ea226528162e07acc96fa61b26e031145aa
2 years ago
bijayasharma c50286d015 Fixed typos in inventory pkg
Signed-off-by: bijayasharma <>
Change-Id: I8da797a6883df63adf6089743faa757d1099ef82
2 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi fe8c86feb8 Add InventoryRepoName field to config
If inventory repo name is not specified, phaseRepoDir will be used

Change-Id: Iea3eca5d7ca14c549696b7214c8d4b07ef3e5bf4
2 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi 8958d7093c Add general inventory interface implementation
This commit also adds function to be used with command line pkg

Change-Id: Ifdebfd62817b071f06cad90a14897fda63808a7a
2 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi fa03b40f4a Implement RunAction method of the baremetal interface
Change-Id: I86b2cd7824c68ccd4fac875a5ad1d3ff9cd69072
Relates-To: #397
Relates-To: #362
Relates-To: #359
2 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi 4698abad49 Add baremetal inventory implementation.
The implementation is inspired by pkg/remote module, and evolves
it to be built on top of document bundles as well as makes it
more command line oriented by adding RunOperation method.

Change-Id: If95a007986eb61c977c1ddbe5a94cfbeefeac225
Relates-To: #397
Relates-To: #362
Relates-To: #359
3 years ago
Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi d05579b4a4 Add inventory interface definition
This interface will be used by executors and other
commands to interact with remote hosts.

It is split into generic inventory and BaremetalInventory to
keep open door for cloud providers. In the future, if we
decide to that we need, for example list VMs in google, azure,
openstack or any other clouds, we would extend inventory interface
with approprate more sepcific inventory such as OpenstackInventory

Relates-To: #297

Change-Id: Ie19ed6047390e09a658c1e943b5e83d88e9668bf
3 years ago