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Niharika Bhavaraju 5085f22c56 [#394] plan list -o yaml changes
Added yaml output flag to show plan list in yaml format

Relates-To: #394
Co-authored By: Niharika Bhavaraju<>
Change-Id: I8bed077573eb79783cfc77e4ebf82c819f41d125
2021-04-29 18:10:57 +05:30
Pallav Gupta 10e75b5580 Fix plan list command
The aim of this PS to fix current issue we have when we have
new plan created with description width more than 40 char.
Added condition if width is more than specified in command
so the command execution will not break and just crop
exceeding description length.
Eg: e351b2bc43/pkg/print/table/columndefs.go (L71)

Change-Id: Icc353ec688b2fbb563add39f8d38004008093895
2021-04-15 12:18:23 -07:00
Niharika Bhavaraju 9bf40366a5 [#358] Introduce Phase List command to output phase list(pkg module).
* Phase list command lists phases of current documentset/plan in
  table or yaml format.
 airshipctl phase list
 airshipctl phase list --plan planName
 airshipctl phase list --plan planName -o yaml
 airshipctl phase list --plan planName -o table(default format)

Relates-To: #358

Co-Authored-By: Niharika Bhavaraju <>

Change-Id: I37add2fc9dca2433de525bac8c2cc9e56fe39621
2021-03-25 20:16:27 +05:30