A CLI for managing declarative infrastructure.
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Zuul 55343b8c4d Merge "Add --resume-flag to plan run subcommand" 4 weeks ago
baremetal Enhance baremetal subcommand to list hosts 3 months ago
cluster Allow to specify multiple clusters per get-kubeconfig request 5 months ago
completion Switching airshipctl and krm-functions to kustomize 4.2.0 6 months ago
config Explanation on airship config file 3 months ago
document Explanation on airship config file 3 months ago
phase Add possibility to specify 0 timeout via CLI options 7 months ago
plan Add --resume-flag to plan run subcommand 2 months ago
testdata Add git commit hash and build date to version 4 months ago
root.go Remove secret generate cmd and its implementation 7 months ago
root_test.go Remove AirshipCTLSettings from root level cmd 1 year ago
version.go Introduce KRM based k8s applier 3 months ago
version_test.go Add copyright for missing files 2 years ago