A CLI for managing declarative infrastructure.
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Function: hwcc

Controller for classifying host hardware characteristics to expected values.

The HWCC (Hardware Classification Controller) compares and validates the workload profile against Baremetal Hosts and classifies right match host and label the host. Also it displays the count for matched, unmatched and error hosts.

Comparison and validation is done on baremetalhost list provided by BMO against hardware profile mentioned in metal3.io_hardwareclassifications.yaml.

HWCC will label matched hosts.

  • Default


  • User Provided


HWCC also label hosts which are in error state if hardwareclassification-error=All label is given in workload profile.

HWCC status shows multiple items w.r.t applied profile :

  • Name of the profile
  • Profile match status
  • Matched Host count
  • Error Host count

Example Usage

User can validate and classify the hosts based on hardware requirement. User will get to know how many hosts matched to user profile and how many hosts are in error state. HWCC status will also show number of hosts falling under different error states. User can select any of matched host and go for provisioning.