An orchestrator for managing a collection of Kubernetes Helm charts.
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plugin.yaml 515B

  1. name: "Armada"
  2. version: "0.0.3"
  3. usage: "Manages multiple Helm charts with a centralized Armada yaml"
  4. description: |-
  5. This plugin provides Helm access to Armada. A tool for managing
  6. multiple Helm charts with dependencies by centralizing all configurations
  7. in a single Armada yaml and providing lifecycle hooks for all Helm releases
  8. usage:
  9. $ helm armada tiller --status
  10. $ helm armada apply /examples/openstack-helm.yaml
  11. ignoreFlags: false
  12. useTunnel: false
  13. command: "sh $HELM_PLUGIN_DIR/"