Helm charts maintained by the Airship community
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Airship Charts

The Airship charts repository is home to a collection of Helm charts developed and maintained by the Airship community, generally for Airship- or Airship-adjacent use cases.

To learn more about the Airship 2.0 evolution, reference the Airship blog series.


The Airship team prefers to use upstream Helm charts, maintained by the deployed projects themselves, as much as possible. Therefore, charts are only added to this charts repo when truly needed. Our community practice is to propose and defend the need for a new chart in our weekly IRC meeting (mirrored in our Slack channel). Please bring a new chart up in that forum prior to pushing a patchset to add it.

To get looped into our team meetings and community, please visit the Airship wiki, and read our developer guide to begin contributing.

We also encourage new contributors and operators alike to join us in our Slack workspace and subscribe to our mailing lists.