39 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dmitrii Kabanov 2fb6a299a3 Add support of older versions of Helm 1 week ago
  Dmitrii Kabanov 8f102a878a Add possibility to add repository and GPG key 1 month ago
  BARTRA, RICK 2c80c45fe8 Run Divingbell containers as unprivileged 1 month ago
  Pete Birley 85534b7796 Exec: Use nsenter to enter all host namespaces when running exec 1 month ago
  Scott Hussey 9d244c4443 (perm) Fix CL for reverting missing file 1 month ago
  Rahul Khiyani 87dbc54044 Adding timestamp to _shcommon as log formatter for 3 months ago
  anthony.bellino f4c8228ff6 Add rerun support for perm module 3 months ago
  Nikita Koshikov 606cf35bda Add new apparmor daemonset 7 months ago
  Craig Anderson 4ed467e512 Add retry/rerun support for exec module 4 months ago
  Craig Anderson 012800d854 Add new divingbell-exec module 4 months ago
  skovaleff 0731ac5d3a Add ability to control owner:group and permissions 5 months ago
  Vladyslav Drok da532c32aa Add options to apt-get install call 5 months ago
  Craig Anderson f3a9306404 Resolve illegal base64 data errors 5 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 3524908910 Blacklist Packages as an Extention of Apt 5 months ago
  Vladyslav Drok 0f5567dc58 Add the ability to install packages via divingbell 5 months ago
  Anderson, Craig (ca846m) 461f4e93d5 Change all ConfigMap to Secret 5 months ago
  skovaleff eebedea5f2 Make specific module internal filenames for limits 5 months ago
  skovaleff 7ed8c29f99 Add ability to control pam_limits via new module 'limits' 5 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov d734925bb6 Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 6 months ago
  Craig Anderson d8570fe8ad Improve gate NIC HW compatibility/portability 7 months ago
  Anderson, Craig (ca846m) 73880a9973 fix divingbell gate scripts 7 months ago
  Matt McEuen 0927b6a61c Add release uuid to pods and rc objects (dbell) 7 months ago
  Craig Anderson 7755b665b1 Allow enabling/disabling of each daemonset 7 months ago
  Craig Anderson 77be3585ba Add ability to set user password in uamlite 11 months ago
  Craig Anderson e9d71dedb0 [Bug 404183] Add user purge option to uamlite 1 year ago
  Craig Anderson 73e7437b9b [Bug 402389] Script should work without users 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey f1fbfa1d5e [398399] Support resource limits 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey 651cb8f816 [390506] support update strategy 1 year ago
  Craig Anderson 9e7028416e [US367408] Add support for user & ssh key mgmt 1 year ago
  Craig Anderson 82254b99e1 Refactor with helm-toolkit template functions 1 year ago
  Craig Anderson ae819b9a3b Add label prioritization 1 year ago
  Craig Anderson 6d2f967ce4 Initial commit. 1 year ago