A lightweight solution for configuration of baremetal nodes.
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Divingbell is a lightweight solution for:

1. Bare metal configuration management for a few very targeted use cases via the following modules:

  • apparmor
  • ethtool
  • exec (run arbitrary scripts)
  • system limits
  • mounts
  • permissions (perm)
  • sysctl values
  • basic user account management (uamlite)
  1. Bare metal package manager orchestration using apt module

What problems does it solve?

The needs identified for Divingbell were:

  1. To plug gaps in day 1 tools (e.g., Drydock) for node configuration
  2. To provide a day 2 solution for managing these configurations going forward
  3. [Future] To provide a day 2 solution for system level host patching


Find more documentation for Divingbell on Read the Docs.

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