A declarative host provisioning system.
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Drivers are downstream actors that Drydock will use to actually execute orchestration actions. It is intended to be a pluggable architecture so that various downstream automation can be used. A driver must implement all actions even if the implementation is effectively a no-op.


The oob drivers will interface with physical servers' out-of-band management system (e.g. Dell iDRAC, HP iLO, etc...). OOB management will be used for setting a system to use PXE boot and power cycling servers.


  • ConfigNodePxe - Where available, configure PXE boot options (e.g. PXE interface)
  • SetNodeBoot - Set boot source (PXE, hard disk) of a node
  • PowerOffNode - Power down a node
  • PowerOnNode - Power up a node
  • PowerCycleNode - Power cycle a node
  • InterrogateOob - Interrogate a node's OOB interface. Resultant data is dependent on what functionality is implemented for a particular OOB interface


The node drivers will interface with an external bootstrapping system for loading the base OS on a server and configuring hardware, network, and storage.


  • CreateNetworkTemplate - Configure site-wide network information in bootstrapper
  • CreateStorageTemplate - Configure site-wide storage information in bootstrapper
  • CreateBootMedia - Ensure all needed boot media is available to the bootstrapper including external repositories
  • PrepareHardwareConfig - Prepare the bootstrapper to handle all hardware configuration actions (firmware updates, RAID configuration, driver installation)
  • IdentifyNode - Correlate a node definition in the Drydock internal model with a node detected by the downstream node bootstrapper.
  • ConfigureHardware - Update and validate all hardware configurations on a node prior to deploying the OS on it
  • InterrogateNode - Interrogate the bootstrapper about node information. Depending on the current state of the node, this interrogation will produce different information.
  • ApplyNodeNetworking - Configure networking for a node
  • ApplyNodeStorage - Configure storage for a node
  • ApplyNodePlatform - Configure stream and kernel options for a node
  • DeployNode - Deploy the OS to a node
  • DestroyNode - Take steps to bring a node back to a blank undeployed state


The network drivers will interface with switches for managing port configuration to support the bootstrapping of physical nodes. This is not intended to be a network provisioner, but instead is a support driver for node bootstrapping where temporary changes to network configurations are required.


  • InterrogatePort - Request information about the current configuration of a network port
  • ConfigurePortProvisioning - Configure a network port in provisioning (PXE) mode
  • ConfigurePortProduction - Configure a network port in production (configuration post-deployment) mode