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Our governance refers to the "Core Principles" of Airship, but we've been
lax in formally defining what those are.  This patchset adds a general
definition, based on discussion from the Working Comittee meeting on

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Matt McEuen 2 years ago
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Airship is working to build a global, diverse and collaborative community. Anyone interested in supporting the technology
is welcome to participate. We are seeking different expertise and skills, ranging from development, operations,
documentation, marketing, community organization and product management.
documentation, marketing, community organization and product management. The core principles of the Airship community
can be found [here](
### Join Us


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# Airship Core Principles
* [Community Principles](#community-principles)
* [Technical Principles](#technical-principles)
The Airship project follows several technical principles which guide what we build, and community
principles which guide how we build it.
## Community Principles
The Airship community is fully committed to the OpenStack Foundation
[Community Code of Conduct]( We are
a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive community, and believe treating one another in this way
is both the right thing to do and the best way to craft valuable software.
Airship is also committed to the [Four Opens]( of software
development: Open Source, Open Design, Open Development, and Open Community.
## Technical Principles
The Airship project uses the following guiding principles in design and development, to ensure
that the software we author is valuable and solves the right problems.
* Airship is a declarative and automated toolset for the lifecycle management of
open infrastructure.
* Airship is Repeatable, Predictable, Approachable, Flexible, Composable, and Reusable.
* Airship follows
[cloud-native principles](
and uses standardized, open-source components, avoiding technology lock-in.
* Airship is small and focused, incorporating best-in-class open-source tooling and employing the
principles above to integrate it in and make it valuable to operators. The Airship community
prefers to enhance general-purpose projects, working within their communities, over crafting
Airship-specific solutions.