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Ildiko Vancsa e170795f5f Implementing a simplified governance model
This change implemets a simplified governance model to support
the community's current needs and operational needs. The proposed
changes are supported by the last active TC group.

Signed-off-by: Ildiko Vancsa <>
Change-Id: Ife3efe183347a78cf50cde4bfe904562d24f0bc8
2022-09-27 18:10:51 -07:00
Matt McEuen de03ba148d Merge the Working and Technical Committees
This merges the Working and Technical Committees into a single body
with 9 members, retaining the name "Technical Committee".  The new
TC has the responsibilities of both previous groups, and splits
the difference in election timing with an election that falls in July.

Feedback is welcome on this governance change. The current Working
Committee will ultimately vote, with four members' +2s required
to commit the change.

Change-Id: I4f000e3eef45a46ad09cd30f12868b3825e729f2
2021-06-23 14:00:55 -05:00
Matt McEuen 8601fa9be7 Add Core Principles
Our governance refers to the "Core Principles" of Airship, but we've been
lax in formally defining what those are.  This patchset adds a general
definition, based on discussion from the Working Comittee meeting on

Change-Id: Ia912d14913dd540d9c3550b40ab22536e40431ab
2020-07-24 14:53:00 -05:00
Alexander Hughes 0957c43800 Clarification of tie breaking method
Change-Id: Idcaa5029aff6e95d87a0c1c3006a1eab0a9c29e6
Signed-off-by: Alexander Hughes <>
2020-05-14 16:05:18 -04:00
Roman Gorshunov d7b08ede91 Minor: add missing contents headers
Change-Id: Ib3d0b6bfc0afa6166128f8e0ab9163534f95d578
2020-04-27 11:58:19 +02:00
Alexander Hughes d4955e8dbe Clarify election organizers for committees
Change-Id: Iad3fb9b92cfaaf90e8a35911ca6329259e85f0a0
2020-02-13 11:53:04 -05:00
Zuul 7dfd9008a2 Merge "Outline special election process and rules" 2019-12-17 22:18:11 +00:00
Alexander Hughes 96b74c720a Grandfathered committee members clarification
Change-Id: I69322a18c93bd7a46a090b7e7cae881fd491735a
2019-12-13 07:55:58 -06:00
Alexander Hughes 77ca0dcde8 Outline special election process and rules
Change-Id: I691a0360c09fb6cc36bf814bffc340aaf4af2c25
2019-12-12 15:39:54 -06:00
Zuul 4a2ab6bca5 Merge "Add current committee members and election date" 2019-11-21 19:41:51 +00:00
Alexander Hughes 27ab1aef30 Add current committee members and election date
Update governance to make it clear who the current committee
members are, the companies they represent, and when the next
election will take place.

Change-Id: If4e26e692cbd0a41f642bb07b1843a0a8646ce8f
2019-11-07 13:47:32 +00:00
HUGHES, ALEXANDER (ah8742) ded7c7eb89 Clarification of committee roles in disputes
This patchset adds additional details on expectations of the WC
and TC. It also adds a clause on handling disputes that are unclear
or span responsibilities owned by both TC and WC.

Change-Id: I46a4e5d69f40d0fab01993768e1156d9705c89d8
2019-11-05 23:06:49 +00:00
Jean-Philippe Evrard a54988be84 Update Working Committee elections date
This is not accurate to the current elections process.
This should fix it.

We can amend later with the next election process if necessary.

Change-Id: I1686aae3aa69a88340e33d32634debb7b63535b3
2019-07-29 12:11:49 +02:00
Alan Meadows 44502b58a1 Initial governance contribution
Change-Id: Ie1089571845db54ae03dc536ac000c9e5555e942
2019-06-05 10:35:23 -07:00