A Day-2 host management interface for Kubernetes
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from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function)
__metaclass__ = type
import ast
import itertools
import os
from kubernetes import client, config
from kubernetes.client.rest import ApiException
# This plugin calculates the list of list of hosts that need to be executed in
# sequence as given by the host_groups variable.
# The AND and OR conditions on the host_groups variable is calculated
# based on the match_host_groups variable
# This returns the list of list of hosts that
# the ansible should execute the playbook on
# Returns: [[,], [], []]
# Returns list of keys and values defined in host_groups
# of the CR object
def host_groups_get_keys(host_groups):
keys = list()
values = list()
for hg in host_groups:
return keys, values
# Performs a permutation and combination among all the
# host_groups specified in the CR object
def host_groups_combinations(host_groups):
keys, values = host_groups_get_keys(host_groups)
for instance in itertools.product(*values):
yield dict(zip(keys, instance))
# Determines the hosts on which the execution has to happen
# based on the host_groups defined in the CR object
def hostconfig_host_groups(
host_groups, groups, match_host_groups
host_groups_list = list()
host_group_list = list()
if type(host_groups) != list:
return ''
# Performs an AND operation to select the hosts
# which match all of the host_group labels specified
if match_host_groups:
hgs_list = list()
for host_group in host_groups_combinations(host_groups):
hg = list()
for k, v in host_group.items():
for hgs in hgs_list:
host_group = groups[hgs[0]]
for i in range(1, len(hgs)):
host_group = list(set(host_group) & set(groups[hgs[i]]))
# Performs an OR operation to select the hosts which match
# any one of the host_group labels specified
for host_group in host_groups:
for value in host_group["values"]:
key = host_group["name"]
hg = list()
if key+'_'+value in groups.keys():
if not host_group_list:
hg = groups[key+'_'+value]
host_group_list = hg.copy()
hg = list(
- (set(host_group_list) &
return "Invalid Host Groups "+key+" and "+value
return str(host_groups_list)
class FilterModule(object):
''' HostConfig Host Groups filter plugin for ansible-operator '''
def filters(self):
return {
'hostconfig_host_groups': hostconfig_host_groups