88 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Evgeny L 221ec46c26 Fix broken Nova and Neutron deployment 2 weeks ago
  Evgeny L 6ff3e527e1 Add a comment to clarify ingress requirements for MariaDB 4 weeks ago
  Evgeny L 0cc58150d7 Fix AIAB gate Heat test & MariaDB failures 1 month ago
  lijunjie 24c3584161 Fix the misspelling of "required" 3 months ago
  Crank, Daniel (dc6350) 53e02f9a9c Override default maas-ingress port, update maas 3 months ago
  Georg Kunz 5d30fdca76 Bumping version of rally container to ocata 1 month ago
  Bryan Strassner ad53fbf5c3 Fix references to olso by correcting them to oslo 3 months ago
  Bryan Strassner b87c4d5b75 Update AIAB OSH ingress to newer version 4 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 5613857ade Fix rabbitmq and pin CLIs to match versions.yaml 2 months ago
  Anderson, Craig (ca846m) e34589c4b3 Re-enable divingbell 2 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 58bcb4855b Align HardwareProfile schema to treasuremap 3 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov e44d0f7fdd Verify VM disk size and relax kubelet disk reqs 3 months ago
  Evgeny L a4ec779dd3 Neutron parameter min_l3_agents_per_router was removed in Ocata 3 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 5743b628a9 Uplift to latest drydock 3 months ago
  Evgeny L fe91d22a9d Fix Armada proxy override and update the docs 3 months ago
  Kaspars Skels a9f5fc93e3 Uplift shipyard chart/images 3 months ago
  Vladyslav Drok 86fd1df4d1 Add separate rabbit admin entry for shipyard 5 months ago
  Kaspars Skels fc7e347226 MAAS ingress related fixes for airship-in-a-bottle 4 months ago
  Scott Hussey 0517272333 Make the gate more configurable 5 months ago
  Evgeny L 407396a666 Add proxy override for Armada chart 4 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 7a0cbb466e Revert apiserver and promenade updates 4 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 221441f1bf Update apiserver for admission controller 5 months ago
  Bryan Strassner ada72c91c9 Uplift various components to newer versions 5 months ago
  Bryan Strassner be4af6d9f6 [FIX] correct the EOF for ucp_endpoints yaml 5 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 163847c6c4 Update MAAS helm toolkit version 5 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 7a9db79c8e Update to set the apiserver command 5 months ago
  Bryan Strassner f7436ddcd1 [FIX] Update the global endpoints for base case 5 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov cf3b7938d7 fix: Support setting node domains: add node_domain to other sites 6 months ago
  Smruti Soumitra Khuntia 1e43bdcbc6 Delivery of default seccomp Profile on each Host on site deployment 6 months ago
  Bryan Strassner a9afe7ce7a Remove duplicates and align pegleg/* schemas 6 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 44f0053dad Calico v3 Uplift 6 months ago
  Andrey Volkov fa01d6c2ab Bump Shipyard version 6 months ago
  Scott Hussey 9c45b0a3bb Add Pegleg schemas to site definition 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey 1e93afe00d Support setting node domains 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey b857672967 Support maas mobility 7 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov 0ced365b99 Minor: remove TODO 7 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov 832e76d8db Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey b987b2b52f Emulate external DNS for ingress 7 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 54961a82c3 Update chart references to newer versions 7 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 51efe57688 Remove deployment-strategy declaration (dev-proxy) 8 months ago
  Bryan Strassner ed0d96cafd Add needed fields to multinode gate docs 8 months ago
  Scott Hussey 4624804f80 Definition for virtual site deployment 11 months ago
  Ahmad Mahmoudi bc65c4ef17 Corrected promenade.yaml data substitution error, caught by deckhand schema validation. 9 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 04e5ef3477 Update PKI Catalog to Pass Validation 9 months ago
  Ahmad Mahmoudi d071cbf864 In maas.yaml corrected a typo error. Error detected by deckhand schema validation 9 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield dc3c40ab26 Enable Helm Tests for Airship Components 9 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 1799f29992 Updates image locations and version 9 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 0fd6799a6c Update HTK for Shipyard for compatibility 9 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 16321fa137 Update chart to match SY on OSH-infra HTK 10 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield f1a488ad86 Updating Armada Version 10 months ago