127 Commits (master)

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  Scott Hussey 3f2b12a38e (fix) Omit maas-ingress proxy port 1 week ago
  Hussey, Scott (sh8121) 922db8aee1 Provide dependency chain on maas-ingress 3 months ago
  Hussey, Scott (sh8121) c84a5b64de (fix) Check sync of only active rack controllers 2 months ago
  Kumar, Nishant(nk613n) 0b95ba4d41 Add release uuid annotation to POD spec 2 months ago
  anthony.bellino edf2c549ad [Fix] Add retry to check_then_set 2 months ago
  anthony.bellino ce4a4404d7 [Fix] Remove the check for rack sync images 2 months ago
  Zuul 3b453bd8d6 Merge "Add explicit rackd image sync" 2 months ago
  Zuul 65b885a10d Merge "Addressng chsh fail due to /etc/passwd permissions" 2 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 1d50957716 Encrypt git mirroring ssh_key to specific project 2 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 5753b19fde Add Zuul job for mirroring to GitHub 2 months ago
  Ahmad Mahmoudi d11fa44221 Addressng chsh fail due to /etc/passwd permissions 3 months ago
  Sean Eagan a36823d81d Move to helm 2.14.0 3 months ago
  Zuul 290bbf1adc Merge "Maas: Add pod/container security context" 3 months ago
  Rahul Khiyani 809b329de8 Maas: Add pod/container security context 5 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 538fb11887 Improve MAAS rack registration robustness 3 months ago
  Zuul 407d4ccfb4 Merge "Support for MAAS URL overrides" 3 months ago
  Kaspars Skels f6844a5987 Support for MAAS URL overrides 4 months ago
  Zuul cf1b7e2278 Merge "Additional Rules for optional MAAS api only" 3 months ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 2910412699 OpenDev Migration Patch 4 months ago
  Scott Hussey 2bc9141a12 Add explicit rackd image sync 4 months ago
  Zuul 928cddad00 Merge "CI: Add chart build job for latest Helm toolkit" 4 months ago
  Scott Hussey 27c9e2f00c (zuul) Fix image publish job 4 months ago
  Samuel Pilla 217e6ca544 Additional Rules for optional MAAS api only 4 months ago
  Drew Walters 93778c36fb CI: Add chart build job for latest Helm toolkit 4 months ago
  Zuul 976454b6b9 Merge "[FIX] - Fixed maas-rack reschedule issue" 4 months ago
  Drew Walters 06fed6c019 tools: Update Helm to v2.13.1 4 months ago
  Ahmad Mahmoudi 37dfe50954 [FIX] - Fixed maas-rack reschedule issue 5 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 62b9bf2a6c Updating Docker Gate use of zuul.newrev 5 months ago
  Zuul cf2c328861 Merge "Run maas-rack and maas-region containers as non-privileged" 5 months ago
  Rick Bartra 7857fdf2cf Run maas-rack and maas-region containers as non-privileged 6 months ago
  Nishant Kumar 20df4f6eaa Support for password rotation 6 months ago
  Zuul 5e4ab93da8 Merge "(security) Optionally only allow MAAS api access" 5 months ago
  indra 361b13342e Added filename to logging message format for 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey a833b682db (security) Optionally only allow MAAS api access 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey 79db1a1811 (chart) rackd pod readiness check 6 months ago
  Scott Hussey 70e85db81f (fix) disable dhcp when detaching rack 6 months ago
  Scott Hussey 8d56122554 (fix) Give systemd service access to env 6 months ago
  Scott Hussey 7f50e96ff3 Open MAAS proxy ACL 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey 43a2306f0a (fix) Make DNS port in region svc UDP 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey c7caae59e4 Forward DNS via ingress 7 months ago
  Scott Hussey bb81a1cecd Support tuning of the ingress fallback error pages 8 months ago
  Scott Hussey 617607e426 (fix) Fix static ports in MAAS ingress 9 months ago
  Crank, Daniel (dc6350) 2aaca3f60b Apparmor profile for MaaS 10 months ago
  Zuul 9b527b4b99 Merge "Support YAML sequence for DNS and NTP servers" 9 months ago
  Scott Hussey b4d6562bba (fix) Fix import job race condition 9 months ago
  Scott Hussey 2d71c24e0f [WIP] [fix] Patch issues in upstream MAAS 9 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov 6935bc798e Minor: meaningful default label 9 months ago
  Scott Hussey 1c0485e3e6 Support MAAS HA 10 months ago
  Zuul 66eb874e63 Merge "MAAS support for pod mobility" 9 months ago
  Zuul 2e003450cc Merge "Fix: adding back the possibility to add arbitrary labels" 9 months ago