7 Commits (c7b903a6ea7e773df16dd1bb43f3bd65d4594c50)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Phil Sphicas c7b903a6ea Cache fernet keys when encrypting or decrypting 1 year ago
Alexander Hughes 1c8d92ef6b Standardize Pegleg code with YAPF 3 years ago
Tin Lam aa241081c9 Fix exception handling and add tests 3 years ago
pallav b79d5b7a98 CLI capability to generate and encrypt passphrases 3 years ago
Tin Lam 1a325a400b Add hacking extension 3 years ago
zhangzs a0be40846c Remove the duplicated "and". 3 years ago
Ahmad Mahmoudi eb0deeb9e5 Pegleg encryption of site secrets 3 years ago