A configuration organization tool.
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Docker Repository on Quay Doc Status


Pegleg is a document aggregator that provides early linting and validations via Deckhand, a document management micro-service within Airship.

Pegleg supports local and remote Git repositories. Remote repositories can be cloned using a variety of protocols -- HTTP(S) or SSH. Afterward, specific revisions within those repositories can be checked out, their documents aggregated, linted, and passed to the rest of Airship for orchestration, allowing document authors to manage their site definitions using version control.

Find more documentation for Pegleg on Read the Docs.

Core Responsibilities

  • aggregation - Aggregates all documents required for site deployment across multiple Git repositories, each of which can be used to maintain separate document sets in isolation
  • linting - Configurable linting checks documents for common syntactical and semantical mistakes

Getting Started

For more detailed installation and setup information, please refer to the Getting Started guide.

Integration Points

Pegleg has the following integration points:

  • Deckhand which provides document revision management, storage and rendering functionality upon which the rest of the Airship components rely for orchestration of infrastructure provisioning.

Further Reading