946 Commits (master)

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  Thirunavukkarasu Palani 1401664ab2 Update Proxy chart 1 day ago
  Thirunavukkarasu Palani 9da1262c70 Add configMap to proxy chart 3 weeks ago
  Zuul 9e90b4d68d Merge "Add hash annotation to apiserver-webhook deployment" 2 weeks ago
  francisy cb1398496d Add hash annotation to apiserver-webhook deployment 2 weeks ago
  Thirunavukkarasu Palani 9cd261294b Update airship images to bionic versions 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 0e8fad3fbc Merge "Add "labels" to apiserver-webhook deployment" 1 month ago
  Phil Sphicas 06254b36ed CoreDNS: Uplift to 1.7.0 2 months ago
  Phil Sphicas ae6782b452 Kubernetes: Uplift to v1.20.5 3 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 5cf854e25c CoreDNS: Migrate Corefile to version 1.6.4 2 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 9533be32a1 Add required apiserver serviceaccount flags 3 months ago
  DeJaeger, Darren (dd118r) 774f85248d Add "labels" to apiserver-webhook deployment 2 months ago
  anthony.bellino f3febea043 Gate stability improvements 2 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 300a399aff apiserver(-webhook): Allow fileless kube-apiserver command_options 2 months ago
  Phil Sphicas fd9f3d6cec Stop using kube-apiserver insecure-port 3 months ago
  Phil Sphicas ef66d10a25 Remove TaintBasedEvictions feature gate references 3 months ago
  Phil Sphicas c6b62ff414 apiserver(-webhook): Allow volume overrides 2 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 27f181a9d3 Add configmap-etc-hash to apiserver anchor 3 months ago
  Zuul c5015c8e06 Merge "Disable kubernetes-etcd anchor cleanup in gates" 4 months ago
  Phil Sphicas a57158d0e9 Disable kubernetes-etcd anchor cleanup in gates 4 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 5bb58863b6 Uplift Kubernetes to v1.19.7 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 023e7d4d7d Uplift etcd to v3.4.13 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas e2324e7db8 Remove remaining hyperkube references 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 5323ca2710 Deploy with standalone kubernetes images 9 months ago
  Phil Sphicas c7e72942a9 Remove hyperkube extraction functionality 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 030739114f Update cleanup.sh developer script 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas c9862e5749 Allow url as source of file to be deployed to host 4 months ago
  Phil Sphicas d161528ae8 Avoid calico-etcd crashloop 4 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 77c762463b Fix ubuntu_xenial build (use pip <21.0) 5 months ago
  Chris Wedgwood 630e504e3e Update to container image repo k8s.gcr.io 7 months ago
  Zuul 5e70957f83 Merge "Makefile; clean should include .tox" 5 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 946a28dc76 Use HostToContainer mountPropagation 6 months ago
  Phil Sphicas f29d6df68f Ignore upstream chart repos when installing Helm 6 months ago
  Chris Wedgwood 2f2a8727f9 Makefile; clean should include .tox 7 months ago
  Parsons, Cliff (cp769u) 922e3b2ecf Uplift HTK for etcd backup/restore delete archive capability 8 months ago
  Phil Sphicas de9f8415d7 kube-apiserver: disable http2 8 months ago
  Rick Bartra eb748a75f3 Update setuptools to resolve dependency conflict 8 months ago
  Huang, Sophie (sh879n) d365ab873b Uplift HTK for etcd backup/restore framework 9 months ago
  Phil Sphicas d603386d49 Remove additional /hyperkube reference 9 months ago
  Zuul 0cb20b169c Merge "Update pip package versions in preparation of pip 20.3" 9 months ago
  Rick Bartra 8513b46153 Update pip package versions in preparation of pip 20.3 10 months ago
  Phil Sphicas fb36579e16 kube-apiserver: use HTTP probes instead of exec 9 months ago
  Phil Sphicas be7b82e1a1 kube-apiserver: Allow probe customization 9 months ago
  Chris Wedgwood 8c52be3dde Remove /hyperkube prefix 9 months ago
  Zuul ee5111796b Merge "Accelerate YAML operations with LibYAML" 9 months ago
  Andrii Ostapenko 940253563a
Change helm-toolkit dependency version to ">= 0.1.0" 9 months ago
  Phil Sphicas b41c3151fb Accelerate YAML operations with LibYAML 9 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 14a95e65d1 Upgrade LibYAML version in container builds 10 months ago
  Phil Sphicas 6d7df808f3 Fix bug with block_literal_representer 10 months ago
  Rick Bartra 9853fcfbee fix - pep8 and image build gates 9 months ago
  dt241s@att.com 97427904bc Upgrade etcd to 3.4.3 10 months ago