20 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roman Gorshunov 16744e5c75 Minor: meaningful default label 6 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov ef26b1dcc8 Fix: adding back the possibility to add arbitrary labels 7 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov 02c5f2943e Fix: git commit id labels on images 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 8bc8c7c028 Implement encryption for genesis/join scripts 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett 0233c30ffb Update tiller version to 2.10.0 8 months ago
  Jerome Brette 5232d17a2a Update Dockerfile to allow override of FROM variable 11 months ago
  Felipe Monteiro ed65d983f7 [trivial] Rename tox jobs for zuul 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey 59a03d5997 (zuul) Add basic gating 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett 38efdf4a53 Add make tests entrypoint 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey 88681e754a Missing resource limits on apiserver pod 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey ccd372a974 Resource limits on Promenade charts 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 4d7df8610a Fix: revert to openstack-helm/helm-toolkit 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett b09c69a18a Add initial Makefile 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett fce98459a6 Basic HA kubernetes deployment (#7) 1 year ago
  Aric Renzo d7666e5690 Adding clarifications to Makefile 2 years ago
  Aric Renzo ec91a70e39 Image prefetch refactoring 2 years ago
  Aric Renzo f3b0aa0124 enable or diable image prefetching 2 years ago
  Mark Burnett 37d5763f52 replace wget with curl 2 years ago
  Mark Burnett 5969987ad9 Add initial containerized version 2 years ago