153 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sreejith Punnapuzha 3b9e25a06e [Fix] Fix etcd backup pod crashlooping 3 days ago
  Sean Eagan 184d114062 Move to tiller 2.14.0 1 week ago
  Matt McEuen 42b72da391 Revert "Add Liveness/Readiness probe to calico-etcd." 1 week ago
  Egorov, Stanislav (se6518) 3685419042 Fixed for hyperkube 1.12 1 month ago
  RAHUL KHIYANI 34aca639f0 controller_manager: Add pod/container security context 1 month ago
  Hussey, Scott (sh8121) b6c3decf22 (fix) Apiserver key rotate job loop 2 weeks ago
  Goutham Pratapa a2e452ae42 Add Liveness/Readiness probe to calico-etcd. 2 months ago
  Scott Hussey ad30aa7382 (apiserver) support key rotation 4 months ago
  Sean Eagan 2e2a30515c Use apps/v1 k8s controllers and add labels 3 months ago
  Matt McEuen 56da0a0264 CoreDNS: remove external liveness dependency 1 month ago
  Sreejith Punnapuzha eefdbe0581 [fix] etcd backup to use different filename 1 month ago
  RAHUL KHIYANI 479433aa80 Promenade: Add security context for pod/container 1 month ago
  Michael Beaver 275cc74eab Uplift default HAProxy to address CVEs 2 months ago
  Jared Miller 8f53933478 Do not quote tls arg values 2 months ago
  Scott Hussey 8f43897fe2 [fix] etcd backup support for multiple releases 2 months ago
  Sreejith Punnapuzha b65752d7c5 Implements: etcd backup 8 months ago
  dt241s 1c8c09dc46 UCP: Enable Audit Logging feature gate in K8s 3 months ago
  Matt McEuen e4cab73d0f Update to Kubernetes 1.11.6 4 months ago
  Jared Miller 8fe4333eda Allow tls versions and ciphers to be configured 3 months ago
  Mark Burnett 04da7585ff Refactor API server 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett 621669d7d4 Fix incorrect volumeMount entry for policy.yaml 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett cdd1a6bd28 Update Kubernetes to 1.10.11 5 months ago
  Rahul Khiyani e7f61a12fa [US:349446] Adding capabilites for reading policy.yaml file. 6 months ago
  Scott Hussey 0e813a04b9 Extend webhook-enabled apiserver chart 8 months ago
  Bryan Strassner 425d8bdff8 [FIX] liveness probe file location fix 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett eb00a0ddef Fix incorrect templating in haproxy anchor script 6 months ago
  zhouxinyong 956e2fb862 omit the twice occured words in values.yaml 6 months ago
  Mark Burnett 6638b47cb9 Share process namespaces with exec probes 6 months ago
  Matt McEuen 178193be84 Add EventRateLimit admission controller 7 months ago
  Michael Beaver 8b45a36419 Secure host file permissions 7 months ago
  Matt McEuen eae60aba15 Add release uuid to pods and rc objects (prom) 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett eaeb3ae250 Make kube-proxy liveness probe more cautious 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett 83b65b358d Fix: Workaround kube-proxy keeping stale IPs 8 months ago
  Andrey Volkov b26c2cfeff Make haproxy-anchor cleanup optional 7 months ago
  Dmitrii Kabanov 8bdc4cfe8e CoreDNS: add configurable replicas 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett d738bbf314 Re-align Kubernetes proxy chart with upstream DS 7 months ago
  Andrey Volkov b3bc7273b2 Make haproxy-anchor pod critical 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett d7c7a47c61 Improve security of default and example configurations 8 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov f44b3cc384 Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 8 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 44a0c200f2 Make haproxy-anchor cleanup more cautious 8 months ago
  Gupta, Sangeet (sg774j) ae95ed400e APISERVER for webhook 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett dcac36c8cf Fix: Avoid etcd bootstrap race 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 69cb269230 Make K8S proxy health check more aggressive 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 1399731096 Use separate CA for kubelet authorization 9 months ago
  Drew Walters a41db85b0f Update Keystone API ports in Promenade chart 9 months ago
  Kaspars Skels 2b7360c143 Remove obsolete calico chart 9 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield e84939c574 Add readOnlyRootFilesystem to HAProxy and CoreDNS. 9 months ago
  Aaron Sheffield 4059b11a42 Opening apiserver Via Ingress 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett ea4c9b73e4 Remove unused image references 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett f73cbfcc85 Add liveness probe to kube-proxy 10 months ago