107 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sean Eagan 184d114062 Move to tiller 2.14.0 1 week ago
  Scott Hussey 6475efd5da apiserver support for etcd encryption 4 months ago
  Matt McEuen c18e3a8d9d Add optional external_ip to promjoin 1 month ago
  Drew Walters c178634b89 tools: Update Helm to v2.13.1 1 month ago
  Sean Eagan 70d7315b25 Pin helm-toolkit to fix resiliency gate 2 months ago
  Mark Burnett b50357efdb Cleanup Armada warnings in resiliency gate 5 months ago
  Matt McEuen e4cab73d0f Update to Kubernetes 1.11.6 4 months ago
  Mark Burnett 04da7585ff Refactor API server 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett cdd1a6bd28 Update Kubernetes to 1.10.11 5 months ago
  Scott Hussey c13fc33d85 Support systemd unit management during node join 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett fafdaae196 Use new default-test behavior of Armada in resiliency test 5 months ago
  Mark Burnett eb00a0ddef Fix incorrect templating in haproxy anchor script 6 months ago
  Mark Burnett 6638b47cb9 Share process namespaces with exec probes 6 months ago
  Matt McEuen 178193be84 Add EventRateLimit admission controller 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett 08acd8454b Pin calico version 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett d7c7a47c61 Improve security of default and example configurations 8 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov f44b3cc384 Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 8bc8c7c028 Implement encryption for genesis/join scripts 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett 0233c30ffb Update tiller version to 2.10.0 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 1399731096 Use separate CA for kubelet authorization 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett d6b0eeb733 Remove version pinning from examples 9 months ago
  Matt McEuen ba3aacf6a9 Update to Helm 2.9.1 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett 7797aadb8b Update tiller to be compatible with latest Armada 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett ea4c9b73e4 Remove unused image references 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett 9e5fb310b9 Add missing storagePolicy entries 10 months ago
  hosingh000 131718aef8 Upgrade the version of kubernetes-entrypoint for UCP helm charts 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett 44fb6db261 Make hard-coded busybox image configurable 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett eb13fe8e46 Update examples to use new image/repo locations 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett 15658a088e Use Kubernetes lease endpoint reconciler 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett b6be7f25ad Remove HAProxy reference to default namespace 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 1cce3f722f Pin tiller chart and its Helm Toolkit version 1 year ago
  Anthony Lin 8060aa9783 Update HTK Path - OSH Infra 1 year ago
  Aaron Sheffield 6fa106fe2a Disable anonymous-auth 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8a7791e13a Bump Kubernetes version from 1.8.6 to 1.10.2 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8af28d12d7 Disable calico-etcd helm test 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 0a5c68ffbf Uplift CoreDNS from 1.0.5 to 1.1.2 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 26e6792690 Allow adding new definitions to PKICatalog 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8bbb84af97 Add a second auxiliary etcd server for bootstrap 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 4f975a8cd8 Allow configuration of bootstrap API server 1 year ago
  Aaron Sheffield 2885218d35 Add Helm test for HAProxy 1 year ago
  Aaron Sheffield 5afff6e407 Added Helm Test for ETCD 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 84072c99d0 Fix server opts for haproxy in complete example 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 5075ad5d6f Enable helm test for CoreDNS during genesis 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 09cdb0459d Add node selector to coredns chart 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett a4e6fa47f9 Update HAProxy to tolerate node down better 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 47bf886ddd Fix: Issues with integration gate 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett f5947663f5 Add debug-report.sh to aid troubleshooting 1 year ago
  Pete Birley c11dc22e08 Images: depreciate kolla heat-engine image for LOCI 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett dbd08fd2f2 Use OSH-infra Calico chart 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8c468b359b Add ability to specify target-manifest for Armada 1 year ago