224 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kabanov, Dmitrii (dk370c) b01bf1da22 Add removal of temporary folders 2 weeks ago
  Scott Hussey 6475efd5da apiserver support for etcd encryption 4 months ago
  Matt McEuen c18e3a8d9d Add optional external_ip to promjoin 1 month ago
  Matt McEuen 1a3ba289db Revert "remove /etc/genesis post armada bootstrap" 1 month ago
  Crank, Daniel (dc6350) d8c87f3f7b Log client-id in UCP API endpoints 3 months ago
  Sandeep Reddy Thumma 9628da8cf4 Set Least Previliage for .PEM files under directory /etc/genesis. 2 months ago
  Matt McEuen f98de6707a Fix generate_certs typo 2 months ago
  Randeep Jalli d856a0c8c5 remove /etc/genesis post armada bootstrap 2 months ago
  pg611m 76c942b5ce Adding filename to promenade logging message format for troubleshooting purpose. 5 months ago
  Scott Hussey 885a32a0c7 (bootstrap) Turn down tiller verbosity 4 months ago
  lijunjie 93ddef4887 Fix the misspelling of "required" 4 months ago
  lijunjie d113e05e34 Fix the misspelling of "required" 4 months ago
  Mark Burnett 04da7585ff Refactor API server 5 months ago
  Scott Hussey 805d5168b9 (debug) debug-report.sh support ns filter 4 months ago
  Michael Beaver cc4eb17aa5 Change static pod template to run as root user 5 months ago
  Scott Hussey c13fc33d85 Support systemd unit management during node join 5 months ago
  pengdake 6855976e6f Fix bug about promenade debug 6 months ago
  Matt McEuen 178193be84 Add EventRateLimit admission controller 7 months ago
  Michael Beaver 8b45a36419 Secure host file permissions 7 months ago
  Mark Burnett d7c7a47c61 Improve security of default and example configurations 8 months ago
  Roman Gorshunov f44b3cc384 Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 8bc8c7c028 Implement encryption for genesis/join scripts 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett 9f0cc79ec5 Fix: validate_all needs config object, not docs 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 3ac95edc60 Fix: re-add incorrectly removed format test 8 months ago
  Scott Hussey 9f61ead791 Add domain field to resolv.conf 8 months ago
  Scott Hussey 9f875767cb [458884] Refactor validation 8 months ago
  Mark Burnett 1399731096 Use separate CA for kubelet authorization 9 months ago
  Mark Burnett 6a5295687a Disable anonymous auth for Kubelet 9 months ago
  Scott Hussey 111706cec6 Handle non-true defaults 9 months ago
  Scott Hussey 0011414107 Supporting setting domain on nodes 9 months ago
  pallav ea5de25b1a Adding node-labels api 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett 8d3e44c7d6 Allow multiple join IPs 9 months ago
  Felipe Monteiro 6edaa8d4d6 Remove substitution_sources from Deckhand layering 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett 0e5009277a Fix broken validatedesign endpoint 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett bfce4208bf Enable etcd helm test to run on non-ready nodes 10 months ago
  Mark Burnett 44fb6db261 Make hard-coded busybox image configurable 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett 0d75314699 Add retry to fetching tarballs 11 months ago
  Samantha Blanco 2cd353da21 Update validatedesign message 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 9cb2c5a5ca Add local file cache for Builder tarball fetch 11 months ago
  Marshall Margenau 850e379f04 Remove Armada timeout from genesis script. 11 months ago
  Mark Burnett 5ee98eed8d Drop IP & hostname regexes for formats 1 year ago
  anthony.lin 6e81ed7b40 Update Labels - Application/Component 1 year ago
  Scott Hussey a1640349d7 Update Deckhand commit 1 year ago
  Anthony Lin 16f23daee9 [Fix] Fix Incorrect Method Name 1 year ago
  Anthony Lin e413971a57 Update Promenade Validate Design Status 1 year ago
  Aaron Sheffield 6fa106fe2a Disable anonymous-auth 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8a7791e13a Bump Kubernetes version from 1.8.6 to 1.10.2 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 26e6792690 Allow adding new definitions to PKICatalog 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 9fa471b8c5 Avoid using DH engine for substitution with DH 1 year ago
  Mark Burnett 8bbb84af97 Add a second auxiliary etcd server for bootstrap 1 year ago