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# shipyard
Directed acyclic graph controller for Kubernetes and OpenStack control plane life cycle management
# Shipyard
Shipyard is the directed acyclic graph controller for Kubernetes and
OpenStack control plane life cycle management, and a component of the
Undercloud Platform (UCP)
Shipyard provides the entrypoint for the following aspects of the
control plane established by the UCP:
Designs and Secrets
Site designs, including the configuration of bare metal host
nodes, network design, operating systems, Kubernetes nodes,
Armada manifests, Helm charts, and any other descriptors that
define the build out of a group of servers enter the UCP via
Shipyard. Secrets, such as passwords and certificates use the
same mechanism. <br />
The designs and secrets are stored in UCP's Deckhand,
providing for version history and secure storage among other
document-based conveniences.
Interaction with the site's control plane is done via
invocation of actions in Shipyard. Each action is backed by
a workflow implemented as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) that
runs using Apache Airflow. Shipyard provides a mechanism to
monitor and control the execution of the workflow.
## Intgration Points:
[OpenStack Identity (Keystone)](
provides authentication and support for role based authorization.
[Apache Airflow]( provides the
framework and automation of workflows provided by Shipyard.
[PostgreSQL]( is used to persist
information to correlate workflows with users and history of workflow
[Deckhand]( supplies storage
and mangement of site designs and secrets
[Drydock]( is orchestrated by
Shipyard to perform bare metal node provisioning.
[Promenade]( is indirectly
orchestrated by Shipyard to configure and join Kubernetes nodes
[Armada]( is orchestrated by
Shipyard to deploy and test Kubernetes workloads
## Getting Started:
[Shipyard @ Gerrithub](
[Helm chart](
## See also:
[Undercloud Platform (UCP)](