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@ -104,9 +104,9 @@ collections, rather than individually. At any point in time, there will
be several versions of documents in a site that are accessible via this API:
- The "Committed Documents" version, which represents the last version of
documents that were successfully commited with a commit_configdocs action.
documents that were successfully committed with a commit_configdocs action.
- The "Shipyard Buffer" version, which represents the collection of documents
that have been ingested by this API since the last commited version. Note
that have been ingested by this API since the last committed version. Note
that only one set of documents maybe posted to the buffer at a time by
default. (This behavior can be overridden by query parameters issued by the
user of Shipyard)

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@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ update_site: Triggers the update to a deployment of a site, using the latest
committed configuration documents.
update_software: Starts an update that only exercises the software portion of
the commited configuration documents.
the committed configuration documents.
redeploy_server: Using parameters to indicate which server(s), triggers a
redeployment of servers to the last committed design and