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Merge "Change message when no nodes found during update"

Zuul 2 years ago
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@ -23,37 +23,57 @@ except ImportError:
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
safeguard_message_header = (
"No nodes were found by Drydock. Safeguard triggered to prevent "
"continued deployment of nodes.")
safeguard_message_body = (
"This condition can occur if update_site is invoked before a deploy_site "
"has previously deployed nodes in this site. If nodes are expected to be "
"present (previously deployed), this is a serious condition and should "
"be investigated. This behavior can be bypassed by setting "
"continue-on-fail to true.")
safeguard_bypassed_message = (
"Nodes do not exist, but continue-on-fail is True. Safeguard bypassed by "
"invocation options.")
class DrydockVerifyNodesExistOperator(DrydockBaseOperator):
"""Drydock Verify nodes exist Operator
This operator will trigger drydock to verify node for
site update
Check that ANY nodes exist.
One use of this is to prevent an update_site from redeploying servers if
the underlying datastores have lost their data. Doing this prevents
destruction of potentially running workloads.
def do_execute(self):'verify_nodes_exit was invoked.')"Verifying that nodes exist before proceeding.")
node_list = self.get_nodes()
continue_on_fail = self.action_info['parameters'].get(
'continue-on-fail', 'false')
LOG.debug('node list is : {}'.format(node_list))
LOG.debug('continue on fail is: {}'.format(continue_on_fail))
if not node_list:
if self.continue_on_fail():
raise AirflowException(safeguard_message_header)
else:"Drydock reports nodes: %s", node_list)
if not node_list and str(continue_on_fail).lower() != 'true':
msg = 'No nodes were found in MaaS, ' \
'and continue_on_fail is {} ' \
'-> Fail Drydock prepare and ' \
'deply nodes.'.format(continue_on_fail)
raise AirflowException(msg)
def continue_on_fail(self):
"""Retrieve the continue_on_fail boolean value
Fetch the continue-on-fail value from the action_info parameters and
translate it into a boolean value.
continue_on_fail_str = str(self.action_info['parameters'].get(
'continue-on-fail', 'false'))
continue_on_fail = continue_on_fail_str.lower() == 'true'
LOG.debug("continue-on-fail value is: %s, evaluates to: %s",
continue_on_fail_str, continue_on_fail)
return continue_on_fail
class DrydockVerifyNodesExistOperatorPlugin(AirflowPlugin):
class DrydockVerifyNodesExistOperatorPlugin(AirflowPlugin):
"""Creates DrydockVerifyNodesExistOperatorPlugin in Airflow."""
name = 'drydock_verify_nodes_exist_operator'