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  Felipe Monteiro 82581d205a Rollback to revision 0 instead of clearing Deckhand DB 3 years ago
  Zuul e574aac0dc Merge "Minor: docs location fix" 3 years ago
  Zuul 2092a807dc Merge "Update to Airflow 1.10" 3 years ago
  Crank, Daniel (dc6350) 9b3cd66156 Add relabel_nodes action 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 2e2d09a1a6 Minor: drop AT&T from authors 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 44c526af96 Update to Airflow 1.10 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 7fa3136470 Fix: various documentation and URL fixes 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 655b1ae3c3 Fix: git commit id labels on images 3 years ago
  Andrey Volkov 4164518502 Ensure pod logs are fetched in case of exception in any operator 3 years ago
  Siraj.Yasin 38a12fc4fc Corrected the doc URL for shipyard. 3 years ago
  Zuul d937a165e2 Merge "Add release uuid to pods and rc objects (shipyard)" 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 392f75e9a4 Minor: docs location fix 3 years ago
  Matt McEuen ae688e7fb4 Add release uuid to pods and rc objects (shipyard) 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 785c4ca5f5 Set up publishing of docs 3 years ago
  Zuul 8a436b1ba7 Merge "Update Helm to v2.10.0" 3 years ago
  hosingh000 c1bd1203c7 Block site_update if there is no host in MaaS/Drydock 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 321b33b2c3 [FIX] Serialization of Set failed 3 years ago
  Pete Birley 7c1fb7de1b Update Helm to v2.10.0 3 years ago
  Zuul 37429bbbc3 Merge "Add documentation for safer redeploy_server" 3 years ago
  skovaleff 9f453dd22b Fix 404 on log retrieval for retries of a step 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner e0320c0197 Add documentation for safer redeploy_server 3 years ago
  Zuul e022b0178d Merge "Fix check_intermidiate_commit logic" 3 years ago
  Andrey Volkov 65b8f3b46a Fix check_intermidiate_commit logic 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner be81162168 Only attempt deploying nodes that were prepared 3 years ago
  Drew Walters bb1db91a31 Remove temp dir deletion statement from make clean 3 years ago
  Zuul 35e351a9c9 Merge "Update Shipyard's default RBAC policy" 3 years ago
  Rick Bartra 0c2637fdad Update Shipyard's default RBAC policy 3 years ago
  Zuul 315958102a Merge "[FIX] Update dangerous makefile clean command" 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 5e542cef0b [FIX] Update dangerous makefile clean command 3 years ago
  Zuul 188aa9d9f1 Merge "Add retries to node lookup logic" 3 years ago
  Drew Walters 75c1ddba28 Add no_proxy environment variable to CLI script 3 years ago
  Zuul 1cf6491936 Merge "Set/increase default http body size" 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 5adad71bb3 Add retries to node lookup logic 3 years ago
  Zuul 0b6f702014 Merge "Update Keystone API ports in Shipyard chart" 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner df34d214c7 Set/increase default http body size 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 4e1e450dca Add venv tox environment 3 years ago
  Zuul 3f84abe506 Merge "Helm: Move to use current target version of helm for airship" 3 years ago
  Drew Walters de1330dd88 Update Keystone API ports in Shipyard chart 3 years ago
  Zuul 7bd1b050bc Merge "Add redeploy_server processing" 3 years ago
  Rick Bartra 2edd8e6531 Update Shipyard API docs and shipyard_api_client 3 years ago
  Pete Birley 85215e9449 Helm: Move to use current target version of helm for airship 3 years ago
  Zuul 6d01f3f07b Merge "[FIX] Correct design ref use with Drydock client" 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 106223f17b [FIX] Correct design ref use with Drydock client 3 years ago
  Gage Hugo 0de9ffcbf2 Consolidate pep8/bandit zuul gating 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner f3749ca3f9 Add redeploy_server processing 3 years ago
  Bryan Strassner 7d9ca0b69b Remediate failing Bandit gate 3 years ago
  Zuul 18ed6674d2 Merge "Set ULID of action on DAG request" 3 years ago
  Zuul 37caf4c36b Merge "Update Shipyard sampleconf.rst with correct name" 3 years ago
  Rick Bartra 9cd4a18114 Update Shipyard sampleconf.rst with correct name 3 years ago
  Zuul 1fa5c547d1 Merge "Add Oslo Policy options for policy file location" 3 years ago