Bryan Strassner 769d0ded47 Refactor shipyard to UCP target layout
Refactor Shipyard to be better able to leverage common
packages and conform with the target UCP standard layout.

This change supports the same tox entrypoints at
the root level, but the preferred approach is to use make
targets defined in the Makefile such as 'make tests' and
'make lint'

The previous tox.ini has moved and been
tailored to the specifics of each subproject at

Autotmatic generation of the policy and configuration
files has been removed from the sphinx build for now
but these files will be automatically generated locally
into the docs source by using a 'make docs' command.
This may need to be revisited later to re-enable the
automatic generation of these files such that readthedocs
would still support the project layout.

Change-Id: Ifdc1cd4cf35fb3c5923414c677b781a60a9bae42
2018-04-24 16:47:13 -05:00
api-paste.ini Refactor shipyard to UCP target layout 2018-04-24 16:47:13 -05:00