Non-Ubuntu based container builds

Added section describing container builds with non-Ubuntu based
images in mind.

Image tagging naming convention is updated to have distribution
specific identifier in suffix.

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Roman Gorshunov 4 years ago committed by Arun Kant
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commit 17c5c4506e

@ -61,6 +61,34 @@ Most Airship components will be impacted by this spec:
Proposed change
Container Builds
- As for now, Ubuntu-based containers remain to be default to be built
- CI system for the Ubuntu-based containers must not be affected by
implementation of this spec (Zuul jobs, Makefile, etc.)
- Distributive-dependant ``Dockerfile`` naming convention is to add a
distributive flavour suffix, optionally specifying version after underscore:
``Dockerfile.<distributive flavour>[_<version>]``; e.g.
- Public non-Ubuntu container images are to be published along with Ubuntu-based
images on ``_ under
`airshipit/ <>`_ organization
- Repository naming convention remains exactly same for airship component.
``airshipit/<airship component>``;
e.g. ``airshipit/armada``
- Updated image tagging naming convention is to add a dash separator suffix
after tags based on Git commit ID of the code ``:<git commit id>``, and
additional ``:master`` (branch-based) and ``:latest`` (latest master) tags,
following with a distributive flavour, optionally specifying distribution
version after underscore [#f1]_:
``<airship component>:<branch or commit-id>-<distributive flavour>[_<distro major version>]``;
e.g. ``armada:master-opensuse_15``
- As for now, Makefiles, Shell scripts, Shell script templates in Helm charts,
Ansible jobs, Zuul and Jenkins jobs continue to work without changes for
Ubuntu-based containers, and support non-Ubuntu containers by provision of
additional variables or command line arguments
@ -259,3 +287,10 @@ References
Any external references (other than the direct links above)
.. rubric:: Footnotes
.. [#f1] Based on recommendation from ``_
technical support.