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Roman Gorshunov 02047a1674 Split 1.x and 2.x Specs to separate directories
Change-Id: I25d4778b79a2bd55f6f14d8bfeed81232898e33d
4 years ago
Roman Gorshunov c5064ef2eb Fix docs renderring, enforce instructions and template
This patch applies various documentation renderring fixes,
and enforces application of the instructions and the
template for the file names.

In addition to that it adds a requirement to add patches
related to the spec under specified Gerrit topics.

Change-Id: I36199cf78c30f2ee75c2d716b8919ceae2ab7c42
4 years ago
Scott Hussey 7460ea9e2b Fix punctuation
Change-Id: I94cd7ce7c88986d18f37a675015026e669328fc3
5 years ago
Bryan Strassner 6104cac943 Add instructions for how to use the specs project
Introduces guidelines for naming, movement, and indexing of specs

Change-Id: I759ab242937f6816424770871dbf795d8aee06bd
5 years ago