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Blueprints are written using ReSTructured text.

Add index directives to help others find your spec by keywords. E.g.:

.. index::
   single: template
   single: creating specs

Template: The title of your blueprint

Introduction paragraph -- What is this blueprint about?

Include pertinent links to where the work is being tracked (e.g. Storyboard ID and Gerrit topics), as well as any other foundational information that may lend clarity to this blueprint

Problem description

A detailed description of the problem being addressed or solved by this blueprint

Impacted components

List the Airship components that are impacted by this blueprint

Proposed change

Provide a detailed description of the change being proposed. Include how the problem will be addressed or solved.

If this is an incremental part of a larger solution or effort, provide the specific scope of this blueprint, and how it fits into the overarching solution.

Details of changes to specific Airship components should be specified in this section, as well as interaction between those components.

Special attention should be given to interfaces between components. New interfaces shuld attempt to follow established patterns within Airship, or should be evaluated for suitability as new precedent.

If this blueprint changes testing needs or approaches, that information should be disclosed here, and should be regarded as part of the deliverable related to this design.

If this blueprint introduces new functionality that requires new kinds of documentation, or a change to the documentation processes, that information should be included in this section.

Security impact

Details of any security-related concerns that this proposed change introduces or addresses.

Performance impact

Analysis of performance changes that are introduced or addressed with this proposed design.


If other approaches were considered, include a summary of those here, and a short discussion of why the proposed approach is preferred.


If known, include any information detailing assigned individuals, proposed milestones, intermediate deliverable products, and work items.

If there are Assignee(s) or Work Items, use a sub-heading for that information.


If there are any dependencies on other work, blueprints, or other things that impact the ability to deliver this solution, include that information here.


Any external references (other than the direct links above)