Configuration extraction tool for Airship
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What is Spyglass?

Spyglass is the data extractor tool which can interface with different input data sources to generate site manifest YAML files. The data sources will provide all the configuration data needed for a site deployment. These site manifest YAML files generated by spyglass will be saved in a Git repository, from where Pegleg can access and aggregate them. This aggregated file can then be fed to shipyard for site deployment / updates.

Spyglass follows plugin model to support multiple input data sources. Current supported plugins are formation-plugin and Tugboat. Formation is a rest API based service which will be the source of information related to hardware, networking, site data. Formation plugin will interact with Formation API to gather necessary configuration. Similarly Tugboat accepts engineering spec which is in the form of spreadsheet and an index file to read spreadsheet as inputs and generates the site level manifests. As an optional step it can generate an intermediary yaml which contain all the information that will be rendered to generate Airship site manifests. This optional step will help the deployment engineer to modify any data if required.

Getting Started

For more detailed installation and setup information, please refer to the Getting Started_ guide.

.. _Getting Started: ./doc/source/getting_started.rst