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Kaspars Skels 12aee60347 Encrypt git mirroring ssh_key to specific project
Change-Id: Ic8d1d5bae4b88bb221e3c8cd7426686278e1e3d9
2019-05-23 13:12:21 -05:00
Kaspars Skels 4f46544111 Add Zuul job for mirroring to GitHub
Change-Id: I1a9e24bdffc87df24f92dcdf75c57b35ac380cdb
2019-05-22 16:33:18 -05:00
Zuul c402d70e47 Merge "Remove tox environment py27 and add py36" 2019-05-15 19:07:40 +00:00
Zuul bd0ac06960 Merge "Add a API test list sanity check gate job to Zuul" 2019-05-15 19:05:26 +00:00
Zuul d55940bae4 Merge "Add .gitignore and .gitreview" 2019-05-09 16:15:27 +00:00
Carter, Matthew (mc981n) 835f5136d4 Remove tox environment py27 and add py36
Python 2.7 will soon be EOL. Remove the 2.7 tox environment, and add
3.6 to match other airship projects.

Change-Id: I6d9b7ac22014a29cd26400ee8a2a5203d7c5b84c
2019-05-09 10:46:17 -05:00
Masayuki Igawa 22ab43d613
Add .gitignore and .gitreview
This commit adds .gitignore and .gitreview for developers convenience.

Change-Id: I4b6d41a25ceb7577818d6ab29fc45dd090a61cca
2019-05-07 17:29:41 -06:00
Carter, Matthew (mc981n) ce79550ee1 Add a API test list sanity check gate job to Zuul
This patch set adds a simple Zuul gate job that lists the plugin's
API tests as a sanity check.

Change-Id: I8462002b7b13ba760a25b629e2aff78b0cebb4bc
2019-05-07 13:12:02 +00:00
Carter, Matthew (mc981n) f1609695bd Add the tempest-plugin-jobs Zuul template
Add the openstack Zuul template to the gates for the project, so we
aren't just running with noop for gating. Can't add running unit
tests to gates yet because this project has no unit tests.

Change-Id: I8826b564f81c1294f034c8a5bea1637f1b077020
2019-05-06 14:42:22 -05:00
Masayuki Igawa 331a1e5a58 Add patrole to requirements to resolve dependency issue
This commit adds patrole to requirements.txt to resolve the dependency
issue. RBAC tests in this airship_tempest_plugin depend on patrole.

Change-Id: I5c8e6362152b5f78069468d9b2b71f01750bbae6
2019-05-06 19:33:52 +00:00
Carter, Matthew (mc981n) 31da68b676 Add Zuul to airship-tempest-plugin
This patch set sets up Zuul checks/gating with a noop check. Until
some other in-flight PSs are merged no tox commands will run due to
import errors. Merging this to add Zuul to the project will allow
said PSs to get verified +1, and merged. Afterwards the templates
section in .zuul.yaml can be uncommented to add running py27/py35
unit tests with tox, as well as pep8.

Change-Id: I8c448c31d6e5b2ca870fa1d2c24c90b68c78a8c6
2019-05-06 14:24:19 -05:00
Rick Bartra 7d1b41e644
Rename to
Update the file name as it should end in "_rbac" as this file contains RBAC tests
2018-10-12 10:33:48 -04:00
Pradeep Kumar 5a7e5c7cbf Shipyard Actions API Tests
Add tests for the following:
  - list actions
  - get action
  - get action step

This commit also updates the hacking to differentiate
between RBAC directories and non-RBAC directories.
2018-10-03 12:03:38 -04:00
Rick Bartra 447f620765 Complete RBAC test coverage for Shipyard APIs
This commit adds the appropriate clients and tests for the following
Shipyard API actions:
  - `workflow_orchestrator:action_deploy_site`
  - `workflow_orchestrator:action_update_site`
  - `workflow_orchestrator:action_update_software`
  - `workflow_orchestrator:action_redeploy_server`
  - `workflow_orchestrator:get_site_statuses`

Change-Id: Ida48ec860dc7cd0842c65c662a50ec3d67c41b77
2018-08-30 15:56:43 -04:00
Rick Bartra 9ede7e5237 Cleanup clients, add documenation, and fix 2 tests
This commit does the following:

- Cleanup the service clients to not hard code resource values
  used in API endpoints
- Add documentation to the README
- Fix the following tests that were not previously working:
  - `test_get_action_validation`
  - `test_invoke_action_control`

Change-Id: I8636f3b704871ad98c346b4a19c7f7f41c705e13
2018-08-24 17:33:47 -04:00
Rick Bartra 9f473f288a Add Additional RBAC Test Coverage for Shipyard
This commit does the following:
- Add test coverage for:
  - Actions API
  - Airflow Monitoring API
  - Log Retrieval API
- Add tox.ini
- Add hacking checks
- Fix pep8 issues

Future work needed to fix some of the Actions API RBAC tests

Change-Id: I6e17ffa3ecc3c8a181790bdb79ad6b29fe127114
2018-08-21 16:25:32 -04:00
Rick Bartra e7807b4caf Complete RBAC test coverage for Shipyard Document Staging API
This commmit completes RBAC coverage for Shipyard Document Staging API,
for the APIs noted here [0]. For now, the goal is to meet the first use-case
of this plugin, which is to test RBAC for Shipyard. With this in mind, for RBAC
testing, we only care if a role has permission to an API in question. Therefore,
some of the more complex APIs are 'short circuit' tests - meaning only RBAC
permissions are checked and other expections are ignored.

2018-08-17 17:37:51 -04:00
Rick Bartra 6b87d7d633 Framework for Airship Tempest Plugin
This commit includes the following:

- Base Classes for:
  * Shipyard tests
  * Shipyard RBAC tests

- Unfinished Shipyard REST Clients for:
  * Document Staging API
  * Action API
  * Airflow Monitoring API
  * Log Retrieval API

- RBAC Tests for Shipyard:
  * get workflows
  * get actions
  * get configdocs

Future commits can follow this commit to further test Airship
2018-08-17 13:40:11 -04:00