Update docs to clarify certificates requirements

During the initial configuration it's required to
configure a set of valid certificates for ingress.
Make it more explicit so people don't miss this step.

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@ -351,6 +351,17 @@ with random generated ones:
python3 -c "from crypt import *; print(crypt('<YOUR_PASSWORD>', METHOD_SHA512))"
Configure certificates in ``site/${NEW_SITE}/secrets/certificates/ingress.yaml``,
they need to be issued for domain configured in a section ``data.dns.ingress_domain``
of a file ``./site/${NEW_SITE}/networks/common-addresses.yaml``. A list of endpoints
which will be used with these certificates can be found in the following file
.. caution::
It's required to configure valid certificates, self-signed certificates
are not supported.
Manifest linting and combining layers

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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# Example manifest for ingress cert.
# Shall be replaced with proper/valid set.
# Self-signed certs are not supported.
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: must be replaced with proper/valid set,
# self-signed certs are not supported.
abstract: false