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Add instruction into aiab readme on installation and
HW requirements.

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# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
dev_single_node, an Airship Demonstration
Airship in a Bottle
Use the airship-in-a-bottle.sh script to automatically deploy a demonstration
version of Airship. It will attempt to detect the required environment settings
and deploy an instance of Airship, including running a demo instance of
OpenStack (using OpenStack Helm), and creating a simple Virtual Machine.
To get started, run the following in a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 VM
(minimum 4vCPU/20GB RAM/32GB disk). This will deploy Airship and Openstack Helm
.. code-block:: bash
sudo -i
mkdir -p /root/deploy && cd "$_"
git clone https://opendev.org/airship/treasuremap/
cd /root/deploy/treasuremap/tools/deployment/aiab/
This demonstration uses the images pinned in the versions file: