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  Drew Walters 7fe5ca0645 Remove treasuremap from airship docs main page 2 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 4b210c1a94 Upload content as root of docs.airshipit.org site 5 months ago
  James Gu f3a4cebcb4 Add airskiff_suse site 10 months ago
  Michael Beaver 22408cbeb5 Add new seaworthy-virt site 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 598929e476 CI: Use Ubuntu Bionic for nodeset 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 82467b9453 [aiab] Add a site linting gate to Zuul 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 37bfaa6dfe Remove pegleg clone from Zuul lint jobs 1 year ago
  Kaspars Skels 3bc31be4b2 Move airship-seaworthy to seaworthy 1 year ago
  Kaspars Skels 94c0211e66 Update user and secret name for git mirror job 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 59a1fd8a1c airskiff: Use Ubuntu images 1 year ago
  Kaspars Skels 137b927fad Add Zuul job for mirroring to GitHub 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger e1328ed98b Fix rtd publishing 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 9de5b62ce4 airskiff: Remove CI OSH-infra relative path 1 year ago
  Jeffrey Williams 453f3dbe65 Updated OSH-Infra SHA for airskiff 1 year ago
  Kaspars Skels dca6a10bb3 Update Zuul refs for airship-treasuremap to treasuremap 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 2ed2a37124 CI: Update repository references 1 year ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 86e644a2fc OpenDev Migration Patch 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 465662023a airskiff: Make airskiff gate non-voting 1 year ago
  Drew Walters c3081eaec5 CI: Add airsloop site linting gate 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 8b83f50003 airskiff: Update OSH-infra pin 1 year ago
  Steve Wilkerson 21adfe01c2 Airskiff: Unpin Armada 1 year ago
  Drew Walters c1a8aa7b38 zuul: Add Airskiff Zuul Gate 1 year ago
  Drew Walters d0742e34d6 zuul: Update Zuul nodeset name 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 6e7dc091a1 airskiff: Pin Armada to K8s v2.11.0 1 year ago
  Drew Walters ad01c813a0 zuul: Add site linting gates 1 year ago
  Drew Walters 826e6b7223 airship: Pin to known OSH-INFRA version 1 year ago
  Roman Gorshunov 6ca369f277 Set up publishing of docs 1 year ago
  Felipe Monteiro 5cf799e5c7 Bootstrap CI by adding noop-jobs to .zuul.yaml 1 year ago