32 Commits (master)

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Danny Massa f9ae26105b Adding dead-link-linter gate 4 months ago
Sreejith Punnapuzha 5afbb354d5 Align docker install role with airshipctl 3 months ago
Siraj Yasin a06003c004 update secrets to align with airshipctl 4 months ago
Sirajudeen 7e4710e9b3 update syntax for kustomize with recent uplift 6 months ago
Sirajudeen 0150d774d3 Rename Virtual Sites in Treasuremap 8 months ago
Sirajudeen 6cdb73997f Fix the resource issue with test-site deployment 7 months ago
Vladislav Kuzmin b6ce028dcc Add phase plan for airship-core gating 8 months ago
Ian Howell 12fc147cea Add type-specific deployment scripts 8 months ago
Sirajudeen 49f02e6be4 Align Treasuremap to recent changes of Airshipctl 8 months ago
siraj.yasin 995ae36600 Remove verify hwcc from default scripts 8 months ago
siraj.yasin 25ad182f32 Disable update github issue job. 9 months ago
Sreejith Punnapuzha 40f7f38f7e Fix deployment scripts 9 months ago
Matt McEuen 51e713f6f5 Update Airshipctl pin, kustomize install condition 10 months ago
siraj.yasin 1b68187163 Fix airshipctl ref used for deployment. 11 months ago
Steven Fitzpatrick 52e072ef8a Add gate utility scripts to Treasuremap 11 months ago
siraj.yasin ea57ab4ff9 Added HWCC verification script. 11 months ago
siraj.yasin 1144e50bae Aligning with NetworkCatalogue & VersionsCatalogue 11 months ago
siraj.yasin 27d31a22f7 Pinning airshipctl version in treasuremap 11 months ago
Sirajudeen 43f8dab09a Fix treasuremap deployment issues. 1 year ago
Drew Walters dc5efc7130 Update target and worker node specifications 1 year ago
Matt McEuen 39a6036ca8 Patch hostgenerators to delete catalogues 1 year ago
Drew Walters 8547656a68 Add document pull functionality to deploy job 1 year ago
Sirajudeen 9fb68fb360 Use token for github Authentication 1 year ago
Sirajudeen fa2b41d724 Moving to token based Auth for github 1 year ago
Drew Walters e1a9137650 Update Kustomize config commands 1 year ago
Andrii Ostapenko 01f75c9212
Collect description of k8s object to job logs 1 year ago
Drew Walters cbb5e5869e Update airshipctl VM config playbooks 1 year ago
Matt McEuen 425e7adcda Add deployment gate 2 years ago