48 Commits (master)

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  Ian Howell ab02dee4e0 Add workload-config-target phase 3 weeks ago
  Ian Howell 12fc147cea Add type-specific deployment scripts 4 weeks ago
  Sirajudeen 49f02e6be4 Align Treasuremap to recent changes of Airshipctl 3 weeks ago
  Andrii Ostapenko 5259d2f660 Disable voting for virtual-network-cloud gate 3 weeks ago
  siraj.yasin 0c092bbc6a Fix the regex with job trigger filter 4 weeks ago
  Drew Walters 8ca990371d Update deployment job voting status 4 weeks ago
  siraj.yasin 17a9ccfae7 Add filter rules to Job trigger 1 month ago
  Alexey Odinokov 2946a13806 Adding a place for external secrets to be stored on site level 1 month ago
  Drew Walters 1534abf6ad Remove multi-tenant type inheritance 2 months ago
  Drew Walters e046a3d5f1 Update validate site docs job timeout 1 month ago
  siraj.yasin 11bf0c983f Disable Verify HWCC gate script 1 month ago
  siraj.yasin 25ad182f32 Disable update github issue job. 2 months ago
  Matthew Fuller 2af3485655 Fix versions-treasuremap base catalogue 2 months ago
  Alexey Odinokov e3caf14b0d Switching to the approach with cleanup by selector 2 months ago
  Sreejith Punnapuzha 40f7f38f7e Fix deployment scripts 2 months ago
  Battina, Sai (sb464f) eb76ab4afc Update replacements for hcc and airship-host-config 2 months ago
  Matt McEuen 51e713f6f5 Update Airshipctl pin, kustomize install condition 2 months ago
  Sean Eagan 7694862102 Trigger Github mirroring on tag push 2 months ago
  Matt McEuen af91caff6c Bump airshipctl pin 3 months ago
  Matt McEuen 2748d21929 Revert "Temporarily disable non-voting gates" 3 months ago
  siraj.yasin 1a78b09e17 [Uplift] - update airshipctl version in treasuremap 3 months ago
  Matt McEuen 4389422ecb Temporarily disable non-voting gates 3 months ago
  Drew Walters c471c6ca63 Update deployment job timeout 3 months ago
  Drew Walters d95f11941f Update doc validation job to use airshipctl ref 3 months ago
  Drew Walters 46e6fea0f0 Update deployment job node 3 months ago
  siraj.yasin 1b68187163 Fix airshipctl ref used for deployment. 3 months ago
  siraj.yasin ea57ab4ff9 Added HWCC verification script. 4 months ago
  siraj.yasin 27d31a22f7 Pinning airshipctl version in treasuremap 4 months ago
  Sirajudeen 43f8dab09a Fix treasuremap deployment issues. 5 months ago
  Sirajudeen 610fb1cd1f Aligned CAPI script with airshipctl 4 months ago
  Matt McEuen 876f1ae754 Align treasuremap to image-builder 6 months ago
  Drew Walters d05e1462be Add virtual-network-cloud deployment job 10 months ago
  Drew Walters 8547656a68 Add document pull functionality to deploy job 8 months ago
  Drew Walters 416f93ceca Disable worker node deployment 8 months ago
  Stanislav Egorov 673fca0e0f Cleaning: clusterctl 8 months ago
  Sirajudeen fa2b41d724 Moving to token based Auth for github 8 months ago
  Drew Walters e6b28d3493 Remove clusterctl install script 8 months ago
  Drew Walters 6d0e1234d9 Update deployment scripts to match airshipctl 9 months ago
  Drew Walters 1c9a185d2f Update deployment job timeout value 8 months ago
  Drew Walters 4d6293ee6b Add target/workload phase to CI jobs 10 months ago
  Matt McEuen 5edbcba972 Add target phase to test-site 10 months ago
  Matt McEuen 425e7adcda Add deployment gate 11 months ago