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Kaspars Skels 6bb6c42b44 Fix compute pki for Airsloop
Change-Id: I2e6773a6bfe52c72cdac09dfb3dfd02aebe13bf5
2019-07-11 17:53:40 -05:00
Kaspars Skels 06ffeec6b1 Sloop type and Airsloop site
Sloop type/site is a minimalistic approach to Airship with reduced
requirements towards hardware and external dependencies while keeping
all the functional features.

Major differences compared to reference site airship-seaworthy
 - Two bare-metal server setup with 1 control, and 1 compute.
   Most components are scaled to a single replica and doesn't carry
   any HA as there is only a single control plane host.
 - No requirements for DNS/certificates.
   HTTP and internal cluster DNS is used.
 - Ceph set to use the single (root) disk. This generally
   provides minimalistic no-touch ceph deployment.
   No replication of ceph data (single copy).
 - Simplified networking (no bonding).
   Two network interfaces are used by default (flat PXE, and DATA network
   with VLANs for OAM, Calico, Storage, and OpenStack Overlay)
 - Generic hostnames used (airsloop-control-1, airsloop-compute-1) that
   simplifies generation of k8s certificates
 - Usage of standard Ubuntu 16.04 GA kernel (as oppose to HWE)

Change-Id: I4944fcae7d29ed8799d810c93efb0120b6b3a105
2019-04-12 16:11:37 -05:00