8 Commits (v1.9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Phil Sphicas 342c9eedd5 Regenerate certificates 5 months ago
Phil Sphicas 48e2afa570 Regenerate seaworthy-virt certificates 1 year ago
Alexander Hughes 7de30ea1b1 Regenerate Seaworthy-virt certificates 2 years ago
Kaspars Skels e69d1d7252 Move global secrets to site 3 years ago
Alexander Noskov fc9c04ef18 Set replicaset 1 for PostgreSQL in seaworthy-virt 3 years ago
Daniel Pawlik 03cde16ed6 Changed Nova compute endpoint to new version 3 years ago
Evgeny L 20ea85df6e Fix airskiff gate and uplift shipyard 3 years ago
Michael Beaver 22408cbeb5 Add new seaworthy-virt site 3 years ago