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Mosher, Jaymes (jm616v) da55eefdc2 Regenerate certificates
Regenerate certs before they expire.

Change-Id: I80f33d0fba941f85cb2cbc7697204576c7def6c8
2023-04-06 15:59:53 +00:00
Phil Sphicas 342c9eedd5 Regenerate certificates
Regenerate certificates for airsloop, seaworthy, and seaworthy-virt
before they expire.

Change-Id: I766602903651da81d1c5b97d82eb9aefbdffa833
2022-03-21 17:01:45 -07:00
Phil Sphicas 48e2afa570 Regenerate seaworthy-virt certificates
Generate new certs from the PKI catalog before the old ones expire.

Change-Id: I6cf5c1c77a3da72b35ab56718da95c827a33b39d
2021-05-04 06:25:43 +00:00
Alexander Hughes 7de30ea1b1 Regenerate Seaworthy-virt certificates
Seaworthy-virt's promenade generated certificates are set to expire
within 60 days, regenerating certificates.yaml

Change-Id: I9a9a01e991f31ba3ffb1d69506bae93be0bf25a9
Signed-off-by: Alexander Hughes <>
2020-05-20 14:14:38 -04:00
Kaspars Skels e69d1d7252 Move global secrets to site
This gives users a straight forward way to update
airship SSH key for deployment (MAAS/divingbell config).

Change-Id: Ib67774fb67daa79e255b32e6a3e98a5bde96af4f
2019-12-05 17:51:34 -06:00
Alexander Noskov fc9c04ef18 Set replicaset 1 for PostgreSQL in seaworthy-virt
Change-Id: I1a298e90c7356644e93992ecee24b4481ba7c34f
2019-10-15 15:52:32 +00:00
Daniel Pawlik 03cde16ed6 Changed Nova compute endpoint to new version
Current Nova service endpoint is set to legacy compute version: v2.
According to the doc [1], minimum microversion in Nova is 2.1,
which is a microversion compatible with the legacy v2 API.
After that, nova client will be able to add into a requests:
X-OpenStack-Nova-API-Version HTTP header, which is required for some
tempest tests.


Change-Id: I6a7305cbbab0b20a6b926f6358dfdf463df49652
2019-10-10 22:12:05 +00:00
Evgeny L 20ea85df6e Fix airskiff gate and uplift shipyard
Now Shipyard [1] requires `statefulset` to be configured
for airflow endpoints.

This patch fixes both airskiff gates and other sites.


Change-Id: I29edeb27763059b1dd5f99db4740e0913f0dc56d
2019-09-04 19:24:52 +00:00
Michael Beaver 22408cbeb5 Add new seaworthy-virt site
This site is created in order to utilize the multinode development
environment alongside the global and type manifests in Treasure map.

To accomplish this, the new seaworthy-virt site is a copy of the
airship-seaworthy site but with as many overrides and removed
pieces as necessary.

Change-Id: I6d19e1cf019c5d03f42343ab3c72971172879e4d
2019-07-30 17:16:14 +00:00