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Soujanya R M f4644a3399 Display correct password at end of deploy script
Instead of printing a string constant "password" use
password from Horizon secret file to display at end of
deploy script.

Change-Id: I620a328eacfdbe6400648703938d16b83f165d5b
2019-08-05 08:42:19 +00:00
Evgeny L 82467b9453 [aiab] Add a site linting gate to Zuul
Lint site manifests for Airship in a Bottle when publishing
and merging patches.

The patch adds a pre-run step that generates a new set of
certificates that is required for the validation.

Change-Id: Iebd23dacb424953b95527dd90938f6b6aba93c21
2019-06-17 23:49:16 +00:00
Evgeny L f97a2c53f8 [aiab] Allow to run aiab deployment from any directory
Make aiab scripts to use relative paths, this fixes a problem
when the user runs the script from a different from `/root/deploy`
directory, or runs it from outside of `tools/deployment/aiab`.

Change-Id: If539812390253c720f47aacbda666de8acfd0fda
2019-06-14 14:04:02 +00:00
Evgeny L f70db0a39f [aiab] Fix readme formatting
RST formatting does not support the usage of '#' for
comments, fix it to hide license header in the
rendered document.

Change-Id: Iceef20281a8da91fa485a4fc6304c7ffabb6a214
2019-06-12 21:05:23 +00:00
Evgeny L 463ef31bd8 [aiab] Update readme
Add instruction into aiab readme on installation and
HW requirements.

Change-Id: I434103f9bb10b8f136ad3f0dea2d5d40d10eebf5
2019-06-12 18:27:53 +00:00
Evgeny L a209b3c720 [aiab] Move dev_single_node content to aiab
`dev_single_node` directory is inherited from an old
aiab repo and does not have much meaning in the current
directories layout, move all the scripts to aiab directory.

Change-Id: Ib59e14a81727104b66e372a2c61c5040282f2dc9
2019-06-11 21:37:42 +00:00
Evgeny L 5254785f57 [AIAB] Use airship command line for AIAB scripts
Refactor Airship in a bottle scripts to use `airship`
command line tool instead of relying on hardcoded values
with the versions of images and repositories.

The patch includes additional fixes:
1. Allow to specify credentials for wait-for-shipyard
   script without assuming some specific set of creds.
2. Fix a path to common-addresses file.

Change-Id: I59d0a0e1758a6575a84abb22045e08437aa51466
2019-06-11 20:39:31 +00:00
Evgeny L c88eb575b8 Add Airship-in-a-Bottle site manifests and scripts
Note: all scripts in tools/deployment/aiab directory have been
moved into this repository as is (except a few changes to make
them work), they require a heavy refactoring that will be done
in separate patch-sets.

* Add a virtual single node manifests that are based on a sloop type.
* Use NFS provisioner instead of Ceph.
* Update tools/openstack to be non-seaworthy specific, use a default
  region name and auth url.
* Make type/sloop/config/common-software-config.yaml to be site specific,
  to allow to configure custom region_name.
* Remove max-pods-per-cpu parameter for kubelet, treasuremap needs
  to support a diverse set of environments, without constraints
  on the number of available cores. Max pods configuration parameter
  is still present and helps to mitigate problems when kubernetes
  unexpectedly starts a large number of pods.

Change-Id: I379a50d810b91b989f039dbb7c691f5ceec0cc67
2019-05-24 16:23:07 +00:00