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Evgeny L f70db0a39f [aiab] Fix readme formatting
RST formatting does not support the usage of '#' for
comments, fix it to hide license header in the
rendered document.

Change-Id: Iceef20281a8da91fa485a4fc6304c7ffabb6a214
2019-06-12 21:05:23 +00:00
Evgeny L 463ef31bd8 [aiab] Update readme
Add instruction into aiab readme on installation and
HW requirements.

Change-Id: I434103f9bb10b8f136ad3f0dea2d5d40d10eebf5
2019-06-12 18:27:53 +00:00
Evgeny L a209b3c720 [aiab] Move dev_single_node content to aiab
`dev_single_node` directory is inherited from an old
aiab repo and does not have much meaning in the current
directories layout, move all the scripts to aiab directory.

Change-Id: Ib59e14a81727104b66e372a2c61c5040282f2dc9
2019-06-11 21:37:42 +00:00