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Roman Gorshunov 29e92a499c Fix: git module requires user to exist
Git module used by Pegleg requires user to exist in /etc/passwd file,
or at least to have USER environment set to something. This patch
sets the variable.

Change-Id: I7fbb60b856c6ee7c26ff0dcec5778687836bb8b3
2019-07-02 15:53:55 +00:00
Zuul ff8a00725a Merge "Use zypper for package install on SUSE based distros" 2019-06-28 20:49:29 +00:00
Jiří Suchomel 07210faee7 Use zypper for package install on SUSE based distros
Change-Id: I86a97a42530df6bc92da0951c90a9ca0cf23c463
2019-06-28 19:47:35 +02:00
Alexander Noskov 9ca7dfd06b Uplift Promenade
Uplifts the Promenade image as well as other modifications required
because of recent changes to Promenade, namely:
  * HostSystem schema changes for new image and new key under packages
  * New chart configuration to utilize new source for hyperkube
  * Refactoring names to make more sense and added new monitoring_image

Change-Id: I6c8e0c9f7c51438aa1d911c5fcd0d2f197ca37cf
2019-06-27 22:51:19 +00:00
Roman Gorshunov 74779ac6d8 Fix: tools/airship permissions and directories issues
The UID:GID under which commands from within containers are run does not
necessarily match UID:GID set in container. This patch enforces run of
containers with process UID:GID matching current user's UID:GID.

Creation of directories is documented, so that user's wouldn't get
unambigious error.

Change-Id: I122afc29e0968391574b74f330e5a3a4beb8ed52
2019-05-27 16:07:22 +02:00
Matt Carter df620b7712 Fix dpkg/apt commands in tools/airship script
One of the first things the tools/airship utility script does is run
dpkg and apt. Because these commands were not being ran with sudo,
the airship script could only be ran as the root user. Adding sudo
so any user can run the tools/airship script.

Change-Id: Ia13321fcc7436931d82da274682bc700cf802d33
2019-05-21 09:07:43 -05:00
Evgeny L 5343f76bc1 Use the Airship CLI for lint and Airskiff gates
Using Airship CLI script allows us to use pegleg
image configured in versions.yaml, which will be
updated during regular uplift procedure.

Change-Id: I68a6e5477fc72fb52dfc893b6eef69dd64320ded
2019-04-26 21:34:47 +00:00
Zuul 451899f143 Merge "Add a missing license header for airship cli" 2019-04-25 17:35:56 +00:00
Evgeny L 343d649725 Fix shipyard subcommand for airship cli
1. Docker env file format does not support quotation marks [0].
2. Use `shift` to remove `shipyard` command from the command,
   shipyard image already has it configured in the entrypoint

[0] See the official docs

Change-Id: I8deaa60355004e182f51872a2fd15d94297ff319
2019-04-24 22:11:04 +00:00
Zuul 2f74290f5d Merge "Allow to run airship cli from any directory" 2019-04-24 19:38:56 +00:00
Evgeny L 0639349bff Add a missing license header for airship cli
Change-Id: I02456e1d7ab428f37a46de7acb874ce245b22725
2019-04-24 19:27:12 +00:00
Kaspars Skels 0d817133a4 Improvements for tools/airship
- Add proxy support for Promenade
 - Fix error handling
 - Add help command

Change-Id: I9297d690803dfc6e96619d3c31ea02a299a65e05
2019-04-24 12:46:04 -05:00
Evgeny L 6b1cc1ad76 Allow to run airship cli from any directory
Change path to globals from relative to absolute
to be able to run airship cli from any directory.

Change-Id: Ieb81ef6be7dff7fd49c206501035e75c8fd32bbe
2019-04-23 21:48:27 +00:00
Kaspars Skels 8d8e2bcb39 Add tools/airship as wrapper for deployment tools
Change-Id: Ic79b3c47964940b1362a24f6f5fcf123ae183722
2019-04-18 11:21:11 -05:00