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Arijit Bose f026040524 Revert "Upgrade k8s from v1.17.3 to v1.18.6"
This reverts commit 649ee05f95.
Additionally pinning the horizon to a prior tested version

Change-Id: I8bc0b226110c06be2529f65ffad79d45bed7f16b
3 years ago
Ahmad Mahmoudi 649ee05f95 Upgrade k8s from v1.17.3 to v1.18.6
Updated references to kubernetes hyperkube image from v1.17.3 to

Change-Id: I3ef8c6879c22844475d354eee6c9366b5e69a1b7
3 years ago
Samuel Pilla ea4aeeee02 Changes supporting k8s 1.17.3
Changes made in treasuremap to support k8s v1.17

Change-Id: I625753bc9ef5e28d57f320c440aef3abb246704d
3 years ago
Kaspars Skels df24b1853b Stability workarounds for ceph/cgroups issues
- Add stale rbd cleanup fix
 - Add cleaning of cgroups mounts

Change-Id: I9950496416fbbb572eb5775032305e18fee1f026
4 years ago