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Evgeny L 8cf3062dcd [AIAB] Fix glance and heat overrides
Add explicit glance and heat overrides, this fixes problems
when two manifests with identical names are present,
one manifest comes from the type level, another one comes
from the site level, this leads to random manifest being
picked up during service deployment by Armada.

Change-Id: I87f6cce910dcf1f87370ba231077451990b245ee
4 years ago
Evgeny L c88eb575b8 Add Airship-in-a-Bottle site manifests and scripts
Note: all scripts in tools/deployment/aiab directory have been
moved into this repository as is (except a few changes to make
them work), they require a heavy refactoring that will be done
in separate patch-sets.

* Add a virtual single node manifests that are based on a sloop type.
* Use NFS provisioner instead of Ceph.
* Update tools/openstack to be non-seaworthy specific, use a default
  region name and auth url.
* Make type/sloop/config/common-software-config.yaml to be site specific,
  to allow to configure custom region_name.
* Remove max-pods-per-cpu parameter for kubelet, treasuremap needs
  to support a diverse set of environments, without constraints
  on the number of available cores. Max pods configuration parameter
  is still present and helps to mitigate problems when kubernetes
  unexpectedly starts a large number of pods.

Change-Id: I379a50d810b91b989f039dbb7c691f5ceec0cc67
4 years ago