8 Commits (862b28afe4157d483f32a10fff9e4a0ff2894b77)

Author SHA1 Message Date
James Gu 2c63e36cef Enable service specific version of helm toolkit used in OSH services 3 years ago
Arun Kant d4312d0448 Increase default logging for openstack services 3 years ago
James Gu ee7409ebee Add missing labels to osh charts and ucp chart groups 3 years ago
Matt McEuen 09f7130383 Globals: Wait on RabbitMQ StatefulSets 3 years ago
Kaspars Skels a40b4b7637 Use default replica count for mariadb/rabbitmq 4 years ago
Kaspars Skels 44dafaa96e Add tenant ceph to global/site manifests 4 years ago
Kaspars Skels 3a1038e122 Remove folder-based versioning from manifests 4 years ago