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Roman Gorshunov 07f287c77c Add tag filter parameter to the updater tool
New parameter allows to prefer image tags from matching filter,
e.g. "opensuse" or "ubuntu".

Change-Id: I75091645ea4492c0db0facfcb3e95f18a54a76c8
4 years ago
Evgeny L 40915a8cfc Fix chart repo urls from openstack to opendev
On April 19, OpenStack completed the migration from to [0]. During this migration, Airship projects moved from the
"openstack" namespace to the "airship" namespace. This commit makes
preliminary updates to gate and developer scripts to account for the
migration and fix broken integration gates.


Change-Id: Ie955a777016deceed0d3f7f1aa839fba3cfdcc3e
4 years ago
Roman Gorshunov 23b8e13c5b Add cache for results of requests to in Updater tool
All changes are in Updater tool.
1) Cache results of requests to
2) Fix formatting of strings and strings in logs
3) Improve logging for http requests to
4) Fix failure when --out-file is specified with path
5) Fix HTTP 301 permanent redirect from '.../tag' to '.../tag/'

Change-Id: I7d5cec65c713be261af0997774ee945545b5090a
4 years ago
Roman Gorshunov 78bb5d6801 New option --skip (charts, images)
Added new option --skip, which allows to skip updates to the
listed comma-delimited charts and images.

Change-Id: I08a458fc107019ee915e8e8086d23215642c9835
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro 5a93c30c85 fix: Stop adding unwanted newlines in multiline strings
This patch set fixes an tools/ YAML export issue in which pyyaml is
adding unwanted (multiple) newlines in multiline strings in the output. In
other words, currently, tools/ keeps injecting additional newline
characters in multiline certificates, such that each newline is rendered, in
effect, as two newlines.

For example:


Currently renders as:




This patch set adds code to the tool to use the
solution prescribed in [0] to force pyyaml to ensure that the
rendered output for such multiline strings matches the original

Change-Id: I8b5c5166a0a1b3d945281addd4f562368e1907c3
5 years ago
Roman Gorshunov 0cf96f8b55 New option --out-file, various fixes in logic
1) added --out-file option
2) fixed imports for time and json
3) fixed retries logic to exit loop once we get valid response
4) fixed reference to an undefined variable

Change-Id: Iebbb83079978eb22eb13e6c93642a35f5bd14a20
5 years ago
Kaspars Skels f9afea172d Change image update logic to latest in
Currently images are not being published for each commit,
only for commits that have code change.

Also, gates at times sit in a queue and not available right away.

Set logic to check for latest tag that is not named latest or master.

Change-Id: I8b543e579d77ec1a1b9dfe3e9e70baa5cdb186d8
5 years ago
Roman Gorshunov 3efa98a31b versions.yaml updater tool: verify that images & tags do exist
This patch allows the tool to verify that container images with
specific tags equal to the HEAD git commit id's we reference, do
really exist on repository and are available for download.

Change-Id: I2205f4fa63a085d94ef3c0e9d2ff511665df43e6
5 years ago
Roman Gorshunov b5ccec8d25 versions.yaml updater tool
Being run in directory with versions.yaml or provideded with path to
the versions.yaml, will create, with updated git
commit id's to the latest HEAD in:
  1) references of all charts
  2) tags of container images listed in dictionary image_repo_git_url

Change-Id: I163304da5bf5ec198deb7aaea0abac04c96c569e
5 years ago