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Kaspars Skels 2fc2a32947 Add Genesis network example to Airsloop docs
Change-Id: I7681f6f817058f658c1a20a9590732a938167af4
4 years ago
Kaspars Skels 3c51ae31d7 Airsloop document improvements
Change-Id: I70e44f7af7ef36d22889b79234ce385a5cfa51ed
4 years ago
Kaspars Skels 3bc31be4b2 Move airship-seaworthy to seaworthy
Change-Id: Ide71456d1484b43ea434a23da858418adf51f23b
4 years ago
Roman Gorshunov f1369bde8c Update Jenkinsfile's to use Ubuntu-based images
Update Jenkinsfile's to use Ubuntu-based images to deploy airskiff and
seaworthy sites.

Change-Id: I1b33493081f8618d91c66088e943f6033d71e3c5
4 years ago
Roman Gorshunov 74779ac6d8 Fix: tools/airship permissions and directories issues
The UID:GID under which commands from within containers are run does not
necessarily match UID:GID set in container. This patch enforces run of
containers with process UID:GID matching current user's UID:GID.

Creation of directories is documented, so that user's wouldn't get
unambigious error.

Change-Id: I122afc29e0968391574b74f330e5a3a4beb8ed52
4 years ago
Zuul 7c8361cec9 Merge "Update documentation with proxy specific changes" 4 years ago
Zuul a75861256a Merge "hwe/ga 16.04 kernel install notes" 4 years ago
kranthikirang 09d6976b65 hwe/ga 16.04 kernel install notes
Change-Id: I044d69675976b0745f8913535ded4961813e089f
4 years ago
Rony Haddad fa998c5fb0 Update documentation with proxy specific changes
- made further fixes
  - updated format and typos

Change-Id: I11f8378bc94febeb4fcf7c4f14b5eac944434254
4 years ago
Zuul 74e6baf65e Merge "docs: Add initial contributors' guide" 4 years ago
Drew Walters e0d1d7ab40 docs: Add initial contributors' guide
This change introduces an initial contributors' guide, with the
intention of providing a starting point for developers interested in
contributing to Airship.

Future changes should expand on this documentation, including the
addition of documentation that covers the spec design and approval
process, standards and conventions for Helm charts, and how versions are
controlled in Airship.

Change-Id: Ifd146549d0707f9db2aefaefbadc77e47a1546e3
Story: 2005122
4 years ago
SKELS, KASPARS (ks3019) 5b9acf67ec Add Airsloop architecture diagram
Change-Id: I1bd7879e244f68efe8a1530a1d9ad79290dda179
4 years ago
Zuul ab7d24af9d Merge "Fix formatting for airsloop guide" 4 years ago
Matt McEuen f43ff0f552 Align treasuremap type docs
This aligns the Seaworthy, Airskiff, and Airsloop titles
so that it's clear to a reader what the context is from
the doc index, and so they know what to click on next.

Change-Id: I9e822d7b90129f0f609bde0872c1b143e3de2bce
4 years ago
Evgeny L b3ac9a9069 Fix formatting for airsloop guide
* Fix todo formatting not to break lines.
* Fix command snippets formatting to use blocks.
* Prefix run of `tools/airship` with `./`.

Change-Id: I80b1608e6e8b7224b6a71abfcc00a8127cc629ba
4 years ago
Evgeny L 8f5bae897b Add drydock and maas endpoints in a site authoring guide
Change-Id: I3e8d5b72c356b0996440ab34fe71f1274667f0a7
4 years ago
Evgeny L 90c3e84488 Add a site update guide
The guide describes how to apply changes on already running
cluster. Describe the flow, from config change to deployment start.

Change-Id: I6be24794d570ca6b42db36f2a10b065b8e16f428
4 years ago
Evgeny L 5c84aec587 Initial implementation of Troubleshooting Guide
Add an initial implementation of Airship Troubleshooting
Guide that users can use when they encounter problems
with their Airship installation.

Change-Id: I9c5546cbc5f12db81cc3fcc6a3be95e8dd6f52fe
4 years ago
Dimitrios Markou 2b1095e1bd Create documentation for airsloop site
Change-Id: I479ab6f341d904a6e379819854110ae6ff8bd3f5
Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Markou <>
4 years ago
kranthikirang d3aaa5bed7 tenant-ceph doc update
Change-Id: Ibed687965693916d31c26bc64ce4a0ab2fc7763a
4 years ago
Evgeny L a229e25980 Fix paths to shipyard and promenade directories
Update paths to shipyard and promenade direcories
after repository links were changed from github
to opendev [0].


Change-Id: I1dd246891a5046abff75c7a98c0f16feedb1045e
4 years ago
Evgeny L ffde6bcbd5 Update links in the docs to refer to opendev
Sync of Airship project to Github has been stopped [0],
refer to mirror instead of Github to
make sure the user is always referred to updated


Change-Id: I31303af9176e90f13ef63bfea68ad3796710bae5
4 years ago
Evgeny L 41631c390a Update docs, clarify the requirements on DNS names registration
Airship Seaworthy installation requires a set of valid DNS
names to be configured, ensure that the user register
these names prior to running the deployment.

Change-Id: I7846e5bdcaf55560f8a0d841fd3dc1db7c912490
4 years ago
Evgeny L 2302e53258 Uploading the manifests requires an absolute path to collected dir
`tools/` script from shipyard uses `docker run`
to upload the documents to deckhand, `-v` parameter to mount
the volume requires an absolute path to the directory to work

Change-Id: Ice1d0012b6bcae9652d54f10cf65985e37ca5d77
4 years ago
Evgeny L a29d85253c Update docs to include generated certs into collected dir
After certificates generated by promenade are copied into
site specific directory, YAMLs in *_collected directory
should be updated.

Change-Id: Iea5b1cb98471605025973d56dacda51f647e62f3
4 years ago
Zuul 52a9a7390d Merge "Fix install 4.15.0-34-generic" 4 years ago
kranthikirang c8450b0524 Fix install 4.15.0-34-generic
Change-Id: I2fb1c27f19468de2351186f74bded5013097626f
4 years ago
Drew Walters ac91f0cf96 airskiff: Use Minikube for Kubernetes deployment
This commit replaces the kubeadm Kubernetes deployment script with the
new OpenStack-Helm infra minikube deployment script.


Change-Id: I36c7637a983308891914db7a1cac0907e2724712
4 years ago
Drew Walters 4a41d06c61 airskiff: Pull rather than build Airship images
Currently, Airskiff deployment scripts build images of the Airship
components locally so that local changes can be deployed with ease;
however, pulling images with the latest tag has the same effect because
locally built images take precedence over pulling images from the
internet. Therefore, a developer can still build the images locally and
deploy them using the Airskiff deployment scripts.

Change-Id: I3dabc86a33651dd082581310fbacb994db144481
4 years ago
Evgeny 0aac1554cc Update docs to clarify certificates requirements
During the initial configuration it's required to
configure a set of valid certificates for ingress.
Make it more explicit so people don't miss this step.

Change-Id: Ie6477f934688467b7d5dfe1cc8191f6acff29a21
4 years ago
Evgeny L ba1dd3681a Update documentation on Ceph partitioning
Make the docs up to date:
* Previous version of the documentation assumes that
  partitioning schema is different for SSDs and HDDs,
  this is not the case anymore.
* Ceph charts now have automatic partitioning for both
  OSDs and journals.

Change-Id: I74bd625522469e2860ada995f4e6a81a566107fa
4 years ago
Evgeny L b426a335b7 Update kernel version in the doc
Make kernel version in the example to be consistent with
the rest of the document.

Change-Id: Ib5b00c850b5ecca0bdb3559763e049f8e1f6b3cf
4 years ago
Evgeny L f2c0f4c855 Update docs, simplify kernel installation on genesis
Manifests now include a specific kernel version
required for installation on genesis node.

Change-Id: I130b9ae70fbc2c8e94b648b81ce3d23e7cea12ae
4 years ago
Evgeny L 58035fb2ca Update docs, execute when in shipyard directory
The script uses relative paths to source variable and
execute other scripts, so it's required to be within
the same directory when executing it.

Change-Id: I926eb029e4898a530f16276aa53b57f8aa9ba9cd
4 years ago
Evgeny L 4b842a99f9 Update docs to use "repo" subcommand when linting the repository
Change-Id: I7f7131a986240e3e7b36d5eff404a5920d5d6846
4 years ago
melissaml 62c928e169 [Trivial Fix] Correct spelling error of "cloud"
Small modification to correct spelling mistake.

Change-Id: I051cabefdbcf0de3cc3680b12c34a3f333cc801a
4 years ago
Zuul edb5d8faae Merge "Update docs, ensure that env variables passed when running under sudo" 4 years ago
Zuul 36861b938e Merge "Update docs, removed v4.0 from paths to globals" 4 years ago
Evgeny L 4505f0739f Update docs, ensure that env variables passed when running under sudo
Change-Id: I69b27c91f21052051095582d7838f998903904c5
4 years ago
Evgeny L 358ccd7e8d Update docs, removed v4.0 from paths to globals
Change-Id: I3d4190160f35f91f5e6ae0db22b7b72416de2a7b
4 years ago
Evgeny L 0a04f408d5 Update the docs to use `-r` instead of `-p` flags for pegleg
`-r` is a required parameter, it is used to specify a path
to the repository.

Change-Id: I83cca1023ba5c40e90bf3c7bbd6757e34019a331
4 years ago
Evgeny L c34ca175ee Elaborate on secrets update in the docs
Provide the details on how to generate UUID and
what other secrets require updates.

Change-Id: If3ee74bc3487d2e7a15e5e909e6a23f2a66b0630
5 years ago
Zuul 2eb5877396 Merge "Update doc with information about disks configuration" 5 years ago
Evgeny L 512d3abfcc Update doc with information about disks configuration
Change-Id: I01f03c038e49e99fb593c1ecf7d1875e9e32ddf9
5 years ago
Evgeny L f165c40c44 Update doc to refer to $NEW_SITE site instead of airship-seaworthy
Also make parameter substituion to be consistent "$NEW_SITE" vs "${NEW_SITE}"

Change-Id: Ibf97546d5f7b42d00351e894bf597bdcef709487
5 years ago
Evgeny L 8b5387e1b8 Fix a link to OSH bugtracker in the docs
Change-Id: I99fa255d9e0881923bdaf00f7bdb555c5f8f4b0a
5 years ago
Dimitrios Markou 096b3c374e Include Docker in the initial setup step
Docker should be installed in the Genesis node because
is a requirement for the miniMirror container

Change-Id: I0b603e2b1f79301d19e9f84210d87401f3ed757f
Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Markou <>
5 years ago
Zuul b0347bd6c3 Merge "site: Add Airskiff site" 5 years ago
zhouxinyong 84717befeb Modify mutiple world in authoring_and_deployment.rst
Change-Id: Ibd0a346ba19f4872cf4d6f308d47eb8118666328
5 years ago
zhouxinyong 1c146b47cd Fix mutiple world in authoring_and_deployment.rst
Change-Id: Iada0e679ae6d2e44d0d6dcd08a471bfdafdfc163
5 years ago